Thursday, 18 July 2013

Figure Review: Ultra-Act Zoffy

It's about friggin' time that I acquired myself the Ultra-Act Zoffy! This figure is perhaps one of the most popular Ultra-Acts out there! I regret not snagging one when it first came out last year. Since then, aftermarket prices for this figure have skyrocketed from anywhere around $70 all the way up to $200! I fortunately was able to snag this one for far less.

Zoffy first appeared in the final episode of the original Ultraman series. In the following years, he would cameo in various other Ultraman series and movies. The figure for Zoffy is packed in the typical silver and red window box in which Ultras part of the Brothers line come in. This is my third figure in the Brothers lineup. I feel fortunate enough to snag Zoffy right now instead of paying much more for it later. The figure came still newly sealed. 

Prior to now, I had no clue as to why Zoffy was so valued by collectors. Personally, I just wanted it to complete my Ultra-Act Ultra Brothers lineup. However, I can see its appeal now. It's perhaps one of the best Ultra-Act figures out there. It may not be relevant now considering that many figures have already come after it, but think about last year when Tamashii Nations began upgrading their sculpts. Zoffy has a similar sculpt to the renewed Ultraman figure from last July, but its legs are much more secured in their joints, allowing the figure to stand on its own without the aid of a Tamashii Stage. 

In regards to accessories, Zoffy comes with a good few on top of various option hands. Pictured above is Zoffy holding its Beta Capsule.

Zoffy also comes with a flame damage accessory that fits on top of his head. This is supposed to be from when Zoffy fought Birdon in the series Ultraman Taro and was injured.

He also comes with the Ultra Converter, which he utilized to heal Ultraman Ace in the latter's titular series.

And finally he comes with his M87 Ray, which is said to be the most powerful beam weapon possessed by any Ultraman. The cyclone effect running down his arm creates a nice effect and makes it unique and much more powerful looking than other beam effects in the Ultra-Act line.

By being part of the Brothers lineup, Zoffy is compatible with the Ultra-Act Brothers Mantle. I only have one Mantle at the moment, but I intend to buy more so I can display Ultraman, Ultraman Jack, Zoffy, and ultimately Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Taro, and Ultra Seven wearing them. 

Overall, I am very happy that I was finally able to acquire Zoffy! I feared that I wouldn't be able to obtain him due to the ridiculously high prices that he's been going for. However, with enough researching and browsing around, I was lucky enough to snag this figure for a price that I was happy with. He's perfectly fits in with his fellow brothers. Now, I have to acquire Taro to finally own the entire Brothers lineup!

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