Sunday, 28 July 2013

S.H. MonsterArts Wishlist

With the upcoming Godzilla 1964, Kiryu, Biollante, and Battra figures coming, as well as the announced Alien and Predator figures, and the newly unveiled Mothra and Godzilla 2000 for Tamashii Nations' S.H. MonsterArts figure series, it's a wonder of what the future holds for the figure line! Here is our own personal wish list of monsters that we would like to see made into an S.H. MonsterArts figure:

#1 - Gypsy Danger (and anything from Pacific Rim)

I think it goes without saying that with Pacific Rim's success amongst the Kaiju and Mecha fanbases, demand for figures in the S.H. MonsterArts line is incredibly high, and Tamashii Nations knows it! While I do like NECA's figures, I feel that Pacific Rim deserves better in regards to the detail, articulation and materials that go into their figures. Besides Gypsy Danger, I would absolutely love to see the other Jaegers and Kaiju such as Leatherback, Otachi, and Slattern get the MonsterArts treatment. I believe that in time, we'll definitely get them.

#2 - Eren Jager [Titan Form]

The success of the anime series and manga of Attack on Titan warrants the release of figures! Just earlier, Max Factory has unveiled that they're releasing Figmas of characters from the show as well as what appears to be a VERY large figure of the Colossal Titan (which is 60 meters tall). Whether it's supposed to be in scale has yet to be determined. However, Tamashii Nations DID include Attack on Titan as an option on possible products in the future during their survey at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend. It is not impossible that we may be getting Attack on Titan products from them sooner or later. 

#3 - The Angels from Rebuild of Evangelion

The Angels have been already prototyped by Tamashii Nations and shown at a couple of events already, however, they have not progressed beyond that stage. Is it because demand for the Angels is not sufficient as it is for the EVAs themselves? Whatever the case, I do hope that they are released someday. I'd like a MonsterArts figure of Sachiel, the 4th Angel (3rd Angel in the original series,) duking out with my Robot Spirits Evangelion Unit 01!

#4 - Gigan 1972

Even though Gigan has already been produced as a Revoltech figure, I think a lot of fans want to see it also produced as a MonsterArts figure. The Revoltech figure is good, but I must admit, there are a few inaccuracies in it, which I would love to see corrected in a MonsterArts rendition. 

#5 - Jet Jaguar 

Jet Jaguar is a personal addition to the list. This weekend at Otaku Recon, as well as last year at ChibiCon, the one character that many people asked for was and still is Jet Jaguar. I spoke with a fellow Godzilla fan today at Recon, and he said that Jet Jaguar is his absolute dream figure for this line. I somewhat feel the same way since a highly articulated Jet Jaguar figure would be rather neat and unique. Being that its an immensely popular character in the Godzilla series amongst Western fans who grew up with the films, I don't doubt that it's in the running.

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