Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Latest Purchases UPDATE

Unfortunately I will not be acquiring the Ultra-Act Ultraman Taro and Father of Ultra any time soon due to a supply limit with BigBadToyStore. However, all is not lost as I have acquired a lot more for a lot less in return!

My latest purchase includes the entire first wave of 4" vinyl figures from Bandai's new Ultra 500 line for the new series featuring Ultraman Ginga. I preordered figures on both HobbyLink Japan and Amiami. For now, a majority of Wave 1 will remain in the Virtual Warehouse feature at HLJ until I am ready to pay for it.

Also, I went ahead and reserved myself the second wave of figures in this line, which is slated to be released in August. Once again I went through both HLJ and Amiami since both sites did not carry the complete wave.

HLJ also does have some figures from the third wave listed on their site as well, which is to be released in September. 


Just a few minutes ago I was able to snag myself the Ultra-Act Ultraman Zoffy figure at Plamoya! They also have the Ultra-Act Ultraman Taro and Father of Ultra figures as well for decent prices. I will purchase those two sometime in the coming weeks after I begin selling off figures again (more info on that soon!)

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