Sunday, 17 January 2016

Original Figure Review - Hasbro Signature Series Cloverfield Monster Action Figure

With 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016), the long awaited sequel (or "blood relative," whatever the means) to Cloverfield (2008), releasing less than a couple of months from now, I feel that it is appropriate to take a look at the mysterious giant monster from the 2008 film. Hasbro's Cloverfield Monster action figure is not new. It has been around since January 2009 and was severely limited upon its release. Whatever figures are available to buy nowadays are highly priced due to its current rarity. Fortunately I've had this one from the very start. Get ready, and pump out Michael Giacchino's ROAR on the speakers, folks. I am going to finally review this puppy!

Hasbro's Signature Series Cloverfield Action Figure is not a small figure. It stands around 13 to 14 inches tall and is at least 12 inches wide from elbow to elbow. The sculpt is taken directly from the CG renderings of the creature we see in the film, ensuring for complete accurateness. 


The paint work is pretty well done for the most part. The skin is a pale white/gray color, checkered with light gray skin spots and blue veins under the skin. On the arms and legs there is some brown dry brushed on to help bump out some of the skin details such as wrinkles, folds, joints, and more.

The figure comes with two heads. One normal, neutral, closed mouth head, and an opened mouth, roaring head with the air sacks on the side of its cranium filled as seen below.

When you tap down on the tongue and you will hear a crystal clear sound effect of the monster's haunting roar.

When you have the closed mouth head attached, you can still activate the sound feature by pressing a button on the creature's back.

In regards to the articulation for the figure, the Cloverfield Monster is completely articulated. The joints are ratcheted, which prevents them from becoming loose and causing the figure to collapse onto itself. For such a large figure with a thin frame, you can achieve a good amount of neat poses with it!

The monster's "tentacles" are also on joints too. You can tuck them away by its pelvis or have them open, as seen in the image below.

Though we don't see it in the movie, it was mentioned that these tentacles are used for feeding. A scene that was cut from Cloverfield (2008) in the early stages of production would have showed the monster sucking people up through these tentacles.

The tail is sculpted out of rubber and has a bendable wire inside. The tail can achieve numerous poses such as being propped up, down, or in a wavy pose.

Besides the alternate head, the Cloverfield monster figure comes with a couple more accessories. First is the severed Statue of Liberty Head that we see hurled onto the streets of New York, flung by the monster itself.

The second accessory (or accessories) are 10 tiny parasite mini figures. These things are incredibly small, but well sculpted. They have little paint apps too, which highlight certain details.

Due to their size, I do not keep the parasites out on display in fear that I may lose a bunch of them accidentally. Fortunately the figure's neutral head has a little compartment in the back to keep them so you do not misplace them - good job Hasbro!


Let's now take a look at the box. I've had this figure for exactly seven years, so there is a little wear and tear on the corners. The box shows off the poster art with the damaged Statue of Liberty and title.

 On top, we see the film's logo again with signatures from the director, Matt Reeves, and the producer, J.J. Abrams, as well as a sticker and stamp indicating that this is property of the U.S. Government.

When you lift the cover of the box, you will find out that the interior is a diorama set for the figure to be displayed in. It replicates downtown Manhattan in flames with screenshots and production stills surrounding the display.

This is one aspect of this figure that I truly love since the diorama set just makes the display complete!

Next to the X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 2014, Hasbro's Cloverfield Monster figure stands nearly eye-to-eye with it.

I will flat-out say that Hasbro's Cloverfield Monster figure is one of my favorite possessions in my collection. It is a rare one of a kind piece. Literally... It is. So far this figure is the ONLY piece of merchandise of the monster itself. No joke! I have no idea as to why they only made one figure of it, and in such limited numbers, based on the film's cult popularity. Still, it feels rather nice owning something that I know most people don't have. It sounds cocky, but what the hell! [wink]

If you wish to find this figure, good luck! It is hard to find, and the few I've seen on eBay are priced $500 and above! I preordered this particular one from Hasbro's website immediately after preorders became available not too long after the film hit theaters back in 2008. Back then I only paid $99 plus shipping. If you love the film THAT much, have the cash, and have the need for a figure of the monster in your monster collection, then I say go for it!


  1. Great review! I too, own this awesome figure and pre-ordered it as soon as Hasbro put it up on their website! It's been on display ever since, with the original batteries, and it still works and sounds great!

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