Wednesday, 24 December 2014

NEW X-Plus RIC Boy Exclusive 30cm Gigan 1972

X-Plus has just announced the release of their upcoming RIC Boy exclusive Toho 30cm Series Gigan 1972 with a light-up gimmick in its visor. This release is highly limited to only 300 pieces. If you know how to order via X-Plus directly then this is a figure that you should not miss!

Our New Year Resolutions for 2015

Hello, my Fellow Kaiju Collectors!

I must apologize for the lack of content over the past few months. A lot has been going on in my personal life, which has kept me from updating The Kaiju Planet as often as I would like. However, that is all going to change in the upcoming new year.

Firstly, expect a bunch of new figure reviews! We will also be making more use of our YouTube channel and will be uploading demonstration videos that will be accompanying the written figure reviews that you will see on this blog. The first video will be for our upcoming review for the S.H. MonsterArts MFS-3 Kiryu Heavy Arms/High Mobility Version in early January.

Also, we will be expanding the scope of topics in our blog posts, and feature more outside reviews from our fellow collectors at Steven's Toy Reviews, Fresh Vinyl Reviews, Diego Doom, and many more!

We hope that 2015 will be a better year for The Kaiju Planet in regards to content.

Thank you to those who still follow!

Have yourself a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Figure Review: S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (2014)

For Godzilla's 60th anniversary, Tamashii Nations has graciously given us an S.H. MonsterArts figure of the Big G as seen in Gareth Edwards' reboot film of the beloved franchise. Fans have complained that the original 1954 Godzilla would've been a better figure release (which I do on some level agree with) and that the lack of material for Yuji Sakai to reference while sculpting the MonsterArts Godzilla 2014 has caused the design of this figure to be somewhat inaccurate. However, to be honest, I am really digging it.

Gamera joins S.H. MonsterArts!!!

That's right! Gamera will be joining the S.H. MonsterArts line in January 2015 in Japan, and February 2015 for North America, with the release of the figure of its 1996 incarnation seen in the film, "Gamera: Attack of Legion." It'll be jam packed with all sorts of accessories such as its fire ball attack effect, and alternate pieces to transform Gamera into its flying form. The MSRP for this figure is around 9504 Yen, which is around $87 USD in the current exchange rate.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Figure Review: S.H. MonsterArts Mothra & Battra Larva Set

With the addition of the adult Mothra and Battra figures in the S.H. MonsterArts line earlier this year, the inclusion of their larval versions was a no brainer! Both larva versions of the two were released in a two-pack set back in June and July in Japan as a web exclusive, and North America as a standard release respectively. The figures are packed in a windowless box as with almost all web exclusive figure releases.

In length, Battra is 10 inches while Mothra is around 6.5 inches. Both are highly articulated with joints at almost each body segment. Sculpted by Yuji Sakai, both Mothra and Battra are extremely well detailed, and effectively replicate their appearances from the 1992 Godzilla vs. Mothra (internationally titled: Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth.) 

Figure Review: NECA Pacific Rim 7" Ultra Deluxe Action Figure - Kaiju Scunner

Continuing their popular line of Pacific Rim collectible action figures, NECA brings us Scunner, one of the three Kaiju that Jaegers, Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka, battled against at the breach in the final battle of said movie. Instead of being released in an official series (eg: Series 01, 02, 03...), Scunner was released individually in late July/early August as an Ultra Deluxe figure.

Scunner stands at 7 inches tall. It utilizes much of the same body sculpt as the previous Battle Damaged Knifehead and Trespasser figures. However, there are several notable differences other than the head and overall coloration that differentiates this figure from the previous two sculpts. Firstly, both pairs of hands have new sculpts. The smaller secondary pair now have three fingers instead of four like on Knifehead and Trespasser. The main larger pair of hands have more straightened fingers and longer claws. The carapace on Scunner's back is slightly different than that of both Knifehead and Trespasser as well. Finally the tail, while largely the same, has four barbed spikes at the end.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Figure Review - NECA 24" Head to Tail Godzilla

"Nature has an order, a power to restore balance. I believe HE is that power..." -Dr. Serizawa, Godzilla (2014).

NECA has certainly had their ups and downs in regards to figure quality, especially with those in more larger scaled lines. However, I will say this up front... They really nailed it with their 24-inch head to tail Godzilla figure! 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bluefin Tamashii Nations Preorder: Feb 2015 Web

S.H. Figuarts Android 16

Who was Dr. Gero's orange haired and entirely synthetic android creation? You guessed it, Android 16! The powerful Android 16 joins 17 and 18 in the S.H.Figuarts lineup. Android 16 comes with 3 interchangeable face parts (yelling, laughing, and battle damage design) perfect for recreating your favorite Dragon Ball scenes! Interchangeable right and left hands are also included.

S.H. Figuarts Alphamon "DIGITAL MONSTER X-evolution"

From Digital Monster X-Evolution comes S.H.Figuarts Alphamon. Alphamon is exquisitely crafted with sculpt detail and articulation fit for a Holy Knight. At 17cm, Alphamon's proportions give off a massive quality. Set includes Alphamon's signature navy mantle, interchangeable hand parts (3 right, 2 left), a special display stand, and awesome Ouryuken weapon accessory!

FiguartsZERO Sailor Mars "Sailor Moon"

Following the FiguartsZERO release of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Venus, comes the guardian of fire and passion FiguartsZERO Sailor Mars! High quality pearlescent paint is used to give further depth to her meticulously sculpted sailor suit. The tips of her hair and the flare effects are accentuated with the use of translucent material. Sailor Mars is depicted holding a slip of paper with kanji writing, one of her trademark spirit wards.

S.H. MonsterArts Mecha King Ghidorah "Godzilla"

It's a bird… It's a plane… No wait! It’s Mecha King Ghidorah! Mecha King Ghidora joins S.H.MonsterArts in spectacular form like you’ve never seen before, with advanced articulation and out of this world detail. Mecha King Ghidora stands tall at an impressive 25cm and precisely placed ball joints in the neck and tail allow for unrestricted posing possibilities. The machine hand on Ghidorah’s mechanical torso armor is interchangeable and perfect for posing with your favorite classic S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla. Use of die-cast material adds to the authentic look. In addition to the machine hands, set includes three adorable Dorats and special display stand and support parts.

Source: Bluefin Distribution

Friday, 22 August 2014

S.H. MonsterArts Mecha-King Ghidorah Promo Images!

Tamashii Nations has unleashed a whole set of images showcasing the upcoming S.H. MonsterArts Mecha-King Ghidorah from the 1991 film, Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, set to release February 2015 in Japan and March 2015 in North America. Accessories include its Machine Hand, Grappling Cables, and the Dorats (the pre-mutated/fusion form of King Ghidorah).

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Figure Review - S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla

I am definite one of those kind of collectors who always asks, "Do we really need ANOTHER Heisei Godzilla figure?" It was a question that I have certainly asked myself when this figure was first announced earlier this year. With it being the standard-of-all-standards of Godzilla designs, I do understand its appeal. However, did we really need it? Well let's take a look at the new S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla and see for ourselves!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Double Figure Review - Bandai Movie Monsters Series Godzilla 2014 & MUTO

Today we are doing something a tad bit different from the norm. We will be conducting a double figure review for my latest acquisitions! Right now I am traveling abroad once more. This time I'm heading stateside. However along the way we have stopped in Bangkok for the weekend. Seeing as how this city proved to be great in the art of "figure hunting," I immediately took to the streets and tracked down a few figure stores that I frequented the last time I visited. Admittingly, I was going in expecting to snag the S.H. MonsterArts Mothra & Battra Larva Set or the new Godzilla 1995 (Birth Version). However, unfortunately, I did not see any of them. On the bright side, I was able to snag the new Bandai Movie Monsters Series Godzilla 2014 and MUTO six-inch tall vinyl figures!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Figure Review - S.H. Figuarts Lucario

Hailing from the wonderful world of Pokemon is the subject of today's figure review: the S.H. Figuarts Lucario. For those unfamiliar with Pokemon beyond the first generation, Lucario was first introduced in the fourth generation of the franchise through the games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It is Fighting and Steel type Pokemon. It is currently one of the most popular Pokemon at the moment and appears in the Super Smash Bros. video game series (as of Super Smash Bros. Brawl). In the most recent Pokemon games, Lucario was given a Mega Evolution and plays a sizeable role in those games. Anyways, enough backstory. Let's start this review!

Recon 2014

For any of you readers living on Guam, get ready for the biggest otaku convention on island, Recon 2014; taking place on August 9th and 10th! Tickets are now on sale at the SM Store next to Agana Shopping Center. Expect a special guest appearance by voice actor Steven Blum!

I was fortunate to be in attendance to last year's Recon event, showcasing my S.H. MonsterArts and X-Plus Godzilla figure collections. Unfortunately I will not be attending this year due to the fact that I'll be traveling throughout the United States at that time. There is always next time.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

DiegoDoom Reviews the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 1995 (Birth Ver.)

Fellow collector, DiegoDoom, reviews the brand new S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 1995 (Birth Ver.). Check it out! 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Fresh Vinyl Reviews - S.H. MonsterArts Mothra & Battra Larva Set

Before we snag this set up ourselves, get satisfaction by watching Rich Eso's FRESH review for the S.H. MonsterArts Battra & Mothra Larva Set! 

Kaiju Addicts Reviews the X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995

Our friends at Kaiju Addicts review the new X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995! Check out their review right now.

Figure Review - Ultra-Act Ultraman Zero [Renewal Ver.]

As of the past couple of years, the Ultra-Act line has been releasing brand new sculpts of older character releases. So far we have got new sculpts of Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Leo, with Astra and Ultraman Tiga coming out in August. These 'renewals' are being done so older character releases have figures that are up to date in regards to the advanced articulation mechanisms within the figure's sculpt. It's neat, especially so new collectors could acquire figures of their favorite characters. Today we'll be reviewing brand new version of the Ultra-Act Ultraman Zero.

Fresh Vinyl Reviews - X-Plus Gigantic Series Burning Godzilla

Rich Eso of Fresh Vinyl Reviews takes a look at the most recent entry into X-Plus' Gigantic Series of figures, Burning Godzilla. It's very FRESH! 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

X-Plus Toho Large Monsters Series King Ghidorah?

Has it finally been revealed? You tell me!

Bluefin Tamashii Nations - Nov/Dec 2014 Offerings

S.H. Figuarts Batman "Injustice Ver."

What better way to celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary than with an ambitiously awesome Batman action figure from Japan’s premium collectors label- Tamashii Nations? Sculpted in meticulous detail and featuring an unparalleled range of movement, the Dark Knight/Batman as he appears in the popular “Injustice: Gods Among Us” game joins the Tamashii Nations S.H.Figuarts advanced action figure line-up with a full array of accessories and an original design face mask part! Deluxe action figure set also includes interchangeable hand parts (two types), batarang x2, bat grenade, and grapple gun. Ideal for posing with S.H.Figuarts Joker (INJUSTICE Ver.) to recreate the ultimate arch-nemesis battle scene.

S.H. Figuarts Joker "Injustice Ver."

Just when you thought things couldn't get any crazier Tamashii Nations brings on the insane. The Joker, “The Clown Prince of Crime” joins the S.H.Figuarts advanced action series as he appears in “Injustice: Gods Among Us” featuring wicked proportion and detail, as well as ridiculous articulation. Deluxe figure set includes a special, original design gas mask along with an insane array of accessories: interchangeable head part, interchangeable hand parts (3 sets), knife accessory, crowbar accessory, gun accessory, chattering teeth x2, and Joker card. Ideal for posing with S.H.Figuarts Batman (INJUSTICE Ver.) to recreate the ultimate arch-rival battle scene.

GFFMC Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) "Unicorn Gundam"

Using a unique new metallic finish called `IRIS`, Unicorn Gundam is taken straight from the screen and brought to life in Tamashii Nations’ premium G.F.F.M.C (Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite) line. The rainbow tint of IRIS gives Unicorn an out of this world look, perfectly accentuating the Psychoframe. Set includes interchangeable hands (x3 sets), Beam Magnum, Hyper Bazooka, Beam Gatling (left, right), shield, Beam Saber (x2), and display stand. This spectacular assortment of accessories allows for the recreation of Unicorn Gundam at his finest!

Source: Bluefin Distribution

What's New from NECA?

NECA has teased us with some of their highly anticipated upcoming releases in their Pacific Rim figure line of figures this weekend!

The next line of NECA's Scaler mini figures will include both Godzilla (2014) and Gipsy Danger.

NECA's next 7" Deluxe Kaiju Action Figure will be Axehead, a slightly tweaked and repainted version of their sculpt for the Kaiju, Trespasser, released back in Series 3. 

A brand new sculpt of Gipsy Danger, and the prologue Jaeger, Tacit Ronin, will be released into the 7" figure line this October.

Finally, the one we've all been waiting oh-so impatiently for: Otachi! This big girl will be coming out in November of this year. Prepare your wallets, ladies and gentlemen!

Godzilla Sequel News!

Legendary Pictures have just revealed a few familiar Kaiju that will be appearing in the sequels to this year's Godzilla. They are Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah. Exciting, right?

It's unclear whether all three of them will appear in Godzilla 2 or if they will be featured out amongst movies 2 and 3. In my opinion, King Ghidorah would be best saved for the third/final film while Rodan and Mothra appear in the second. That's just my opinion though.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fresh Vinyl Reviews - S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (Rebirth/Jr)

Our friend, the always-entertaining Rich Eso of Fresh Vinyl Reviews, takes some time to review the latest in the S.H. MonsterArts figure line, Godzilla 1995 (Rebirth Ver.) Be sure to check it out. I can't wait to get this guy. It looks AMAZE-BALLS! 

Figure Review - Ultra-Act Ultraman Ginga

Over the past week, I have been staying with friends in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One of the perks of being in KL is the fact that Japanese pop culture is... ell, pretty popular there. When I was there, I was able to snag a few figures that I have been wanting for a while at Gaming Figure at Berjaya Times Square. One of them is the Ultra-Act Ultraman Ginga, which was just released in Malaysia last Friday. I managed to snag him Saturday afternoon while wandering about with friends. I have watched several episodes of the Ultraman Ginga mini television series a while back. Honestly, I did not care a great deal for it. I found it more akin to the original Transformers cartoon for how it is mainly used as a means to sell toys, specifically the Ultra 500 Spark Doll vinyl figures. Regardless, I am a sucker for Ginga's design. It is a neat blend of the classic Ultraman with a retro aesthetic with the translucent light blue pads around its body. It is pretty pleasing to the eye, unlike the brand new Ultraman, Victory. Without further ado, let us begin the review.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Figure Review - X-Plus Toho 12" Series Godzilla 2003

As many of you may know, X-Plus figures have quite a hefty price tag, and for good reason. The attention of detail that goes into the sculpts and paint jobs of these figures are just outstanding and warrant the $100+ prices. However, for the past several months I've been forcing myself to stop buying these figures. Not that they no longer appeal to me, but it's merely to save money. However, with Diamond Select releasing many of the older X-Plus figures for North American consumers, I just had to take advantage of the situation and snag myself a figure I have been eyeing for years: The X-Plus Toho 12" Series Godzilla 2003. 

New Reviews Coming Soon!

Keep an eye throughout the week for our reviews for the X-Plus Toho 12" Series Godzilla 2003, Ultra-Act Ultraman Zero (Renewal Ver.), Ultra-Act Ultraman Ginga, and S.H. Figuarts Lucario!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

We will be back up soon!

Do not worry, guys!

The Kaiju Planet will be back in business soon. As of right now we have acquired some brand new figures, and aching to do fresh reviews over the coming week. They include the S.H. Figuarts Lucario, Ultra-Act Ultraman Zero (Renewal Ver.) and Ultra-Act Ultraman Ginga. We will also be getting the new NECA 24" Head-to-Tail Godzilla action figure in the coming weeks too.

Be sure to check back in the coming weeks too as we will be revamping our blog design. This look is getting quite old, and it's about time to freshen it up!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Figure Review - S.H. MonsterArts Mothra

Out of all of the monsters in the Godzilla franchise, Mothra is perhaps the next best known of Toho's so-called 'Big 5,' which also includes King Ghidorah, Rodan, and MechaGodzilla. Her long awaited inclusion into the S.H. MonsterArts series of figures, in my opinion, is vastly overdue. As to why she was released as a web exclusive in Japan instead of being a normal release is beyond me, but still, we are all glad to have her.

Bluefin Tamashii Nations Preorders: Web October 2014

FiguartsZERO - Piccolo

The much anticipated fifth title in the popular FiguartsZERO Dragonball series will be everyone’s favorite Namekian, Piccolo. An interchangeable right hand part is included, allowing for recreation of two out of this world attack poses! The billowing cape and smoke effects come together to create a realistic and dynamic pose.



FiguartsZERO - Sailor Venus

Following Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury comes the third and much awaited release of Figuarts ZERO Sailor Moon. Welcome Sailor Venus! Pearlescent paint and utilization of the effects of light and shadow upon the costume make for an added brilliance and realism. The figure is posed perfectly as to recreate the iconic "Venus Love-Me Chain" attack. Additional display stand and hair parts are portrayed with clear parts.





S.H.MonsterArts - Kiryu Heavy Arms

Coming new to S.H.MonsterArts is Kiryu Heavy Arms! He is represented meticulously in the form taken after recovering from severe battle. With included interchangeable parts, Kiryu Heavy Arms can transform into a "High Mobility Type" and "Heavy Arms Type". Set includes full array of accessories including an originally crafted back unit, right hand unit and repaired head piece. This is a MUST-HAVE product for all robot and kaiju fans alike!

Source: Bluefin Distribution

Bluefin Tamashii Nations Preorders: September 2014

Robot Spirits God Gundam

Make way for the long-awaited Robot Spirits God Gundam!  Gundam Fight All Set. Ready! Gooooo! We pulled out all the stops, using the latest in articulation technology! This is the ultimate action figure! Also known as Burning Gundam in the U.S., moveable joints are expertly placed to allow for the hand-to-hand combat poses unique to the Mobile Fighter including the famous God Finger New technology also allows for a twist in the knee that was not possible before. This God Gundam was made to move! Set includes 3 interchangeable hand parts, God Slash (x2), interchangeable wrist covers (x2), Ring of Light part (PET).

Robot Spirits Crossbone Gundam X2 Kai

Introducing the jet-black space pirate, Crossbone GundamX2 Kai! Take the original Crossbone Gundam X1, add specialized parts and you get Crossbone GundamX2 Kai! Complete with armaments, X2Kai comes with a large-scale Buster Launcher for enhanced posing experience. Additional accessories include interchangeable hand parts and Beam Saber.


S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 2014

Godzilla is making a big comeback in Hollywood this year, which also marks 60 years since his creation! S.H.Monster Arts Godzilla (2014) is expertly sculpted and brought to life by the popular Yuji Sakai (Godzilla Complete Works). In all his magnificent detail, the Godzilla (2014) figure is a worthy commemoration for the 60th Anniversary. The realistic silhouette from head to tail is not only represented in stunning accuracy, but is articulated for epic posing possibilities. Godzilla’s jaw is also jointed, allowing for enactment of a ferocious roar, sure to knock down any city!


Robot Spirits Dragonar 1 Custom

Robot Spirits Metal Armor Dragonar series begins its line-up with the leading Mecha from the latter half of the series, Dragonar 1 Custom! Dragonar 1 Custom's design is based on an illustration by famous Japanese anime director Masami Ōbari. Extreme attention is paid to the small details and articulated joints. Use the weapon accessories for the ultimate action poses! Includes handrail-gun, assault knives (x2), and laser swords (x2). Set also includes laser sword handles (X2), super hybrid shield, 3 interchangeable hand parts, and interchangeable antenna.


S.H. Figuarts Bio Rider

Prince of Anger! The rise of Bio Rider! From Kamen Rider Black RX comes S.H.Figuarts Bio Rider. Each crease in his armor is so intricately detailed, you'd think he just walked out of your television screen. Comes with Bioblade, the fearsome saber form of Revolcane. Set also includes 5 interchangeable hand parts for even more posing possibilities!



S.H. Figuarts Akaranger

From the first Sentai series Himitsu Sentai Gorenger comes the commemorable Aka Ranger. From his first appearance in the original series to his roles in the new Sentai films of late, Aka Ranger is an eternal hero. This set is chock full of all the accessories you need to bring Aka Ranger's iconic scenes to life, including a variety of armaments: Gorenger Storm, Silver Shot, and Birdie. Also includes interchangeable hand parts for enhanced posing..


S.H. Figuarts Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Ver.

The King of Pop is joining the S.H.Figuarts series! S.H.Figuarts Michael Jackson (Smooth Criminal Ver.) takes the stage in the eye-catching white suit and hat from the iconic music video of the hit song "Smooth Criminal". Expertly placed articulation joints allow for recreation of unforgettably iconic poses. Set includes 7 interchangeable hand parts, interchangeable facial expression parts, hat, leg parts for the special shadow-shaped display stand (included), and interchangeable upper body part for the "this is it" pose.

FiguartsZERO Rebecca

FiguartsZERO welcomes Rebecca, the beautiful and mysterious Gladiator from the One Piece Dressrosa Arc. Rebecca's highly detailed armor contrasts perfectly with her elegant feminine silhouette. With the included accessory parts, you can pose Rebecca with or without her gladiator ridge helmet. She also comes with a special display stand.




Saint Cloth Myth Ex Capricorn Shura Surplice Ver.

Clad in his dark cloth, Capricorn Shura stands strong in the Sanctuary. Saint Cloth Myth EX Capricorn Shura appears freshly designed and as you've never seen him before! Set comes with 5 interchangeable and highly detailed expression parts perfect for depiction of a variety of scenes. For example, use the yelling expression with the additional Excalibur effect part to recreate his lighting fast Excalibur attack. It is also possible to put together the original Cloth Object. Also includes a special frame for the Object and interchangeable hand parts.


Ultra-Act Ultraman Jack

ULTRA-ACT welcomes Ultraman Jack, one of the six Ultraman Brothers. He comes with a special interchangeable hand piece wearing the Ultra Bracelet, his ever transforming and multi-purpose weapon. With superior articulation, it is possible to recreate the action-packed scenes from the series! Ultraman Jack uses a variety of weapons and this set comes with four of them: the Ultra Spark, Ultra Lance, Ultra Cross, and Ultra Defender. Set also includes a Specium Beam, a total of 7 additional interchangeable hand parts, and joint parts for supports.

Soul of Chogokin GX-40 God Mars

With its transforming and combining 6 robots (Gaia, Uranus, Titan, Sphinx, Shin, Rah) and full array of weapon accessories, God Mars is ready to fight!  Each of its robot components is posable and easily combines to form the giant robot.  A special stand is included to hold accessories like the Mars Flash Sword and extra hands. Due to popular demand Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of  Soul of Chogokin GX-40 God Mars.



Chogokin Tower of the Sun Robot

From the artistic world of the Japanese Showa Period comes a most unique creation! Introducing the Tower of the Sun Robot (Taiyou No Tou)! Based on esteemed Japanese artist Okamoto Taro’s real-life tower in Osaka, Chogokin Tower of the Sun Robot transforms from its original design into two out of this world forms: Robot Type and Armored Type. Attention to detail captures the soul of the original work of art, while the robotic forms add an element of surprise. This balance ensures you will experience the Tower of the Sun like never before. Set includes a special display base and interchangeable hand parts (left and right).

Source: Bluefin Distribution