Thursday, 27 December 2012

Kaiju Toy Review - Sci-Fi Revoltech Baragon

I am indeed a fan of Revoltech's renditions of Toho's infamous kaiju. While they were not able to acquire the liscences to produce a Godzilla figure for the Sci-Fi Revoltech line, they were able to produce some neat figures for other monsters such as Moguera (The Mysterians), Rodan, Mothra, Anguirus (Destroy all Monsters), and Gigan (Godzilla vs. Gigan). Baragon's been on my wish list for quite some time. I recall seeing him displayed at a hobby store back in Malaysia when I last visited in 2010. I regret not buying him then. Since, I've seen his price online go higher and higher. Lately, however, his prices seem to drop and he's been popping up at various sites. Once I found him on HobbyLink Japan, I jumped at the chance to get him!

On this cold winter's evening, I returned home from a dinner with my family and some old friends to find a parcel slip in my parents' mailbox. Fortunately the front desk of the apartment complex was still open and I was able to acquire my package. Quickly I went up to my parents' place and opened up my box. After inspecting the packaging, I proceeded to take the figure out. Baragon is very well detailed. His joints were stiff when I took him out, but after fiddling around with them, they loosened up and are easier to handle. The figure is really well detailed, standing at around four inches tall. It really does a good job capturing the charm of Baragon's on-screen counterpart. For those unaware, Baragon is a monster created by Toho and was first featured in the 1965 film, Frankenstein Conquers the World, where his attacks are blamed on the innocent Frankenstein who then battles Baragon to the death.

Like with all Revoltech figures, they possess a great range of articulation. Let's start with the head. Baragon's head has three major points of articulation: his jaw, and his ears. The ears can be positioned back to show Baragon calm, and then they can be propped up as if he were angry or frightened. His neck is also split into two sections as well, which can be useful when displaying Baragon on all four legs.

As with all of Revoltech's figures in their Sci-Fi line, they come with nameplates showing the monster's name and the movie that they originate from as well as the year of production. The nameplates are a nice addition to these figures in general. They're great for museum-like displays.

Baragon's accessories are quite neat. He comes with a pair of trees, a cabin, and a horse. The latter Baragon devours in the movie. These little doodads make really cool display pieces for Baragon to be posed with.  

Overall, the Sci-Fi Revoltech Baragon is a really nice figure. He's everything that I expected and a bit more. My rating for him is a solid 5/5. With just one more figure to go, Moguera, my Sci-Fi Revoltech collection of Toho Kaiju will be complete! 


  1. Nice review and Baragon is one of Revoltech's best kaiju figures!

    1. He's definitely right up there with Anguirus as the best out of Revoltech's kaiju figures. I am now looking for a decently priced Moguera to round out my Revoltech Toho Kaiju collection. :D

  2. Hafa Adai! Thanks for posting him up over at the Kaiju Korner on oneshotsworld. Great review my friend. I really like this one myself.