Thursday, 13 December 2012

Latest Purchases

I did quite of bit of Christmas shopping for myself in the last day on with some newfound money that came my way! So, here's what I managed to snag:

The original Revoltech Yamaguchi Evangelion Unit 01 from the anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The recently released BluRay copy of the 1989 Toho film, Godzilla vs. Biollante.

A paperback copy of the kaiju thriller, Project: Nemesis, by Jeremy Robinson (with artwork by Matt Frank).

A DVD copy of the long awaited documentary, Men in Suits, which describes the history of suitmation in films spanning from the Godzilla series to Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth.

And finally, the complete series of Ultra Seven on DVD released by Shout Factory.

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