Monday, 31 December 2012

2012: A Year in Review

Nothing figure related, but I felt that I should post this here as well! 

From start to finish, 2012 has had its fair share of ups, downs, twists, and turns. The year started off with me on my Christmas break in Nairobi, Kenya with my parents. From the beginning, I fully intended that 2012 will be the year where I finally break away from my past and look forwards my future. When I say that, I really mean getting over a certain girl. Yeah, I know it's that whole shenanigan again, but whatever! However, let's take this step by step, shall we?

Towards the middle of January, I returned to Guam and took up the second half of my second year at the Guam Community College (GCC). It was a pleasant semester, no hassle at all. My favorite moments from it were my field trips for my Environmental Biology class. They were always fun, and it really gave us time to bond with each other in the class. Whether it be hikes, riverboat tours, a trip to the aquarium, or dolphin watching, each trip was a learning experience and a fun time for everyone. Among that class I also took Finite Mathematics, Desktop Publishing, and Web Design. All were wonderful classes. I also took part in my college's art exhibit, put together by the GCC Digital Arts Society. I submitted a mini comic, which was met with positive responses. I was happy enough to be able to display my work to the public and to my fellow peers and instructors.

As the semester came to a close, I returned to Nairobi for one last time for my parents were moving back to Virginia that Fall. I spent almost my entire summer break in Kenya. I visited my high school one last time as well to attend the Class of 2012 Graduation ceremony. I saw a lot of my old friends and teachers again, which made me really happy. It reminded me of the fun times I had during my two years, my junior and senior years, at that school. I found it astonishing that many people remembered me and were excited to see me! It made me feel guilty that for almost half of the people I saw again, I forgot their names. Regardless, I was filled with nothing but glee to see some of my old friends, who were in the 10th grade when I graduated, finish high school and prepare to begin their lives at college as I did two years ago.

As for that girl I mentioned before, yes. She was staying with my parents while her family moved back to the States. She did not wish to finish her senior year back at an American public school. My parents, in their kindness and out of their friendship with her family, willfully took her in. This girl, I was really close with her. I met her when I was a senior. We instantly clicked. We were best friends for the longest time. I told her things that I have not told my other friends and vice versa. I helped her out with issues with relationships – keep in mind this is before I thought of her in a romantic way. As the year went by, I became closer not to her only, but her family and her siblings. By the time I left, I had come to realize too late that I was beginning to view her more than a friend. So, skipping the two year time difference, that leads us to last winter. Just as I was about to summon the courage to tell her how I feel, she does the worst thing possible. She tells me that she has a boyfriend, and loves me as if I were a brother. If she told me that years ago, I'd be fine with it, but it being that I was infatuated with her, I admit, it stung. Over the following months, I slowly but surely managed to get over it. That brings us to last summer. She is already packed out and ready to fly back to the states with her mother to be with the rest of her family and get settled in college. Despite vowing to keep in touch, I knew that this would be the last time that I'd see or talk to her. Sure enough, I was right. I haven't talked to her since that day. On the outside, I may look like I don't care, but deep within me, I miss the days that the two of us laughed together, talked freely, and that I'd be the one she messaged on Facebook first and end up chatting for hours on end with. Frankly at this point, I'd rather have our friendship back more than anything else. Right down to it, I miss her, and I'd rather have her as a close friend and a sister-like figure rather than a girlfriend. Overall, I'm done pursuing women of my past. Period.

For the rest of the summer. I worked at the United States Embassy in Nairobi as a summer intern. I worked in the Consulate section, which deals with passport renewals for mission employees and American tourists currently in Kenya, and etc. It was not a bad experience and I was paid well. I certainly enjoyed myself despite it being a desk job. My boss was kind and always kept me busy rather than leave me with nothing to do and eventually bore myself to death! I hung out with the other interns during our lunch and breaks. The other interns are mostly former classmates of mine. Some who have already graduated and are returning, and some have just graduated, or are still in school. We had fun. Our time together is what makes our internship bearable, I admit. Out of the times I've worked at the Embassy before, this time was perhaps the best. I bonded with a lot of my fellow interns and colleagues. We saw people come and leave. It was a real emotional roller coaster when it came time for myself and another intern in my section to leave, especially on another intern for she had to take over both of our jobs when we left!

Ultimately as the summer neared its end, my parents began packing out. The movers had a fun time packing away my Godzilla collection, which I had stored away for the last several years when I was gone. It was fun seeing my figures again and realizing the magnitude of my collection. As we were boxing stuff away, I reminisced about when we first moved there in the summer of 2008. It's hard to believe that four years have past since then. A lot has happened and changed. Some for the better, some for the worst... mostly the former. Fortunately before I returned to Guam, my parents and I managed to spend a few days in the Philippines, seeing relatives and staying at our summer house up in Tagaytay. By the end of July, I was back on Guam. Thankfully enough I got back two weeks before classes started, allowing me to become reacquainted with the timezone, and get out of my "summer head," and into my "school head."

The Fall semester began in mid-August. I only took two classes this semester: Introduction to Literature, and Video. The former was the easiest of the two. I had a swell time in that class since I am will intuited with literature. Video on the other hand was a challenge for various reasons. Firstly it is not an interest of mine, secondly I... or I should say we lacked the proper equipment, and thirdly, our instructor expected way too much from us throughout the semester. I get the fact that this guy knows his stuff, but he fails to realize that this is a Community College class, not a University. He expects "Hollywood" style quality from each and every one of us. Throughout the semester we struggled to accomplish his assignments. We were set into groups and had projects due every week. Many of our classmates are also working too, so it makes it even harder to meet up to film and finish assignments. We told our instructor time and time again that it's just way too inconvenient. By the end though, he finally saw it through our perspective and let us off gently. Fortunately our final project was a marvelous success and was met with positive reviews. I managed to pass with a B-. An acceptable grade at best.

Last month, I took part in Guam's annual Chibi-Con. It's a convention dedicated to figure collectors and anime fans and enthusiasts on the island. I was invited to display some of my Godzilla figures. By being an exhibitor at the event, I was able to attend for free (saving me $15!). It was a really awesome experience. Sadly, I have never been to a convention like this before, so this was a real treat. I was invited essentially at the last minute after a friend of mine alerted the show runner that I have a particular line of figures that he's interested in showcasing at the event. I gladly accepted and I have no regrets. I made a lot of new friends at the event and had myself a really nice time. I was quite surprised that a lot of people had a decent level of knowledge on the Godzilla franchise. For once, I felt like I belonged.

As quickly as the first semester ended, I flew straight to Virginia to be with my parents for the holidays. Essentially that leads us up to this moment. So how do I feel about this year? It was great! Sure, I had some downers, but overall it was great.  With that, I ask myself, what do I look forward to in 2013? Quite a bit actually. Firstly I am looking forward to my eventual internship for my Work Study course. I am looking forward to finally graduating with my Associates Degree in Visual Communications this May. I am looking forward to attending the wedding of a lifelong friend of mine. Beyond that, 2013 is a mystery. I am still questioning of my future after I graduate. Do I stay on Guam to work? Do I meet up with my parents at their next assignment in Laos temporarily? Or do I go to the states to take up a major in Fine Arts for my Bachelors Degree? Time will tell. However, at the moment my eyes have been opened to a decent course with the Disney College Program that I am highly interested in. I would not mind becoming a concept designer of sorts for Disney's movies.

Anyways, that's my year for you guys! It's been fun and we didn't die... must've pissed off a lot of doomsday preppers who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars preparing for this moment! I expect 2013 be full of surprises.

Till then, I wish everyone a Happy New Year.


  1. Fellow Pinoy huh? I thought so. (My dad was born and raised in Manila) I'm half as my mom is Mexican. My grandparents are both for Philippines (Grandma from La Onion in Luzon and my Grandpa was from near Clark Air Base) Pompanga?

    sounds like you had an interesting year....but you forgot to mention you met this really cool guy called One Shot who runs this cool website and we have been barcadas since! ha ha ha!

    1. Oh shoot, forgot to add that! XD

      Yup, I'm half Pinoy. Filipino on my Mom's side, American on my Dad's. It's funny though. I am completely Americanized (and don't speak Tagalog) and yet I am a lot closer with my Filipino relatives than my American relatives. Mostly due to the fact that I live on Guam and I am a lot closer to them (in distance) nowadays.