Sunday, 30 June 2013

San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Information (Bluefin Distribution)

  • Bluefin Distribution will have 2 booths this year for San Diego Comic-Con 2013, Booth #140 and Booth #3545.  They are divided by the different Bandai Departments with each department offering their own exclusives.
  • Tamashii Nations items will only be sold at Tamashii Nations booth #3545
  • Exclusives from Bandai Hobby and Bandai Shokugan will only be available at Bluefin booth #140

S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Super Samurai 
Metallic Coating Deluxe Action Figure Set
Tamashii Nations - $200.00

Rangers together, Samurai forever!  This collectors’ set features all of the Rangers in an exquisite metallic finish only found in this commemorative 5-pack, including the Red Ranger in Super form, as well as the Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink Rangers, which were originally Web exclusives in Asia and have never been released in the US before! Each comes with their full arsenal of accessories, including multiple handsets, and their signature weapons.  Quantities will be limited so don’t miss out!  Go Go Power Rangers!

S.H. Figuarts Piccolo (Special Color Edition) 
Tamashii Nations - $40.00

Made exclusively for SDCC 2013 as requested by fans, S.H. Figuarts Piccolo (Special Color Edition) continues the N. American line up from Tamashii Nations in a vibrant anime color scheme.   Designed to match the previous year’s exclusive S.H. Figuarts Gohan (Special Color Edition) this release of Piccolo features the same high end articulation, sculpt, and features that characterize the S.H. Figuarts line. Three different heads, interchangeable handsets, and a removable cape are included. Quantities will be limited, so don’t miss your opportunity to snag what will soon become an incredibly elusive figure in the DBZ Figuarts line.

MMPR Tamashii Stage Set
Tamashii Nations - $15.00

Figuarts Zero - Uzumaki Naruto Nine-Tails 
Chakra Mode Color Exclusive
Tamashii Nations - $35.00

We are pleased to announce a limited number of Naruto Uzumaki figures will be made available for SDCC 2013.  Part of the popular Figuarts Zero line, this clear version features Naruto accessing the ultimate power of the demonic nine-tailed fox sealed away within his body.   Originally an event exclusive in Japan, it will only be made available to those in attendance of the con.  Stop by Bluefin’s booth and get yours before they all use Disappearing Jutsu, and vanish forever. 

HAC Naruto & Sasuke "Dattebayo" Special
Tamashii Nations - $12.00

Believe it!  Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchida make their way into the popular Half-Age Character series!  Part of a set never before seen in the US, this 2-pack features a unique metallic hue to give the characters a sense of majesty fitting of Team Kakashi, and features Sasuke with Sharingan eyes and Naruto with blue colored eyes.  Originally an event exclusive in Japan, this Naruto Shippuden set has been made available exclusively for SDCC 2013 in limited quantities!

Dragonball Z Exclusive Scouter Set 
Bandai Shokugan - $25.00

"It's over 9,000!"

Straight out of the hit Dragonball Z anime, we are pleased to offer a very limited run of Saiyan Scouters as an exclusive to the 2013 San Diego Comic Con.  Available in red, green, and purple color variations, each scouter features authentic sound bytes, and fits easily over most head sizes.  Whether to enhance your DBZ experience, or to cosplay your favorite DBZ character, you too can now feel the power of the mighty Saiyan race.

Shodo Dragonball Z Ultimate Spark Ver.
Bandai Shokugan - $25.00

A 2013 San Diego Comic Con exclusive, this Dragonball Z figure 3-pack, features Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta and a secret character.  Aprox 2" tall, each figure features a vast array of articulation in order to achieve the fighting poses the characters are known for.  This particular set  has an exclusive paint job available only for the con, and is set to quickly sell out.  Don't miss this chance to own the next stage of action figure evolution.

Gundam Assault Kingdom EX1 Kshatrya Exclusive Ver. 
Bandai Shokugan - $25.00

An SDCC 2013 exclusive, this version of the Kshatriya features funnel trails molded in translucent green, giving it a more show accurate after effect.  Loaded with articulation, the Kshatriya comes with an additional display stand, which allows for a variety of action poses.

HGUC RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 
(Destroy Mode Green Frame Ver.)
Bandai Hobby - $35.00

Previously available only at GunPla Expo events, this event limited Gundam Unicorn variant will be available for purchase at SDCC 2013!  Featuring a semi-transparent green Psyco-Frame as depicted in episode 5 of the Gundam UC OVA, this 1/144 model comes with beam its signature beam magnum and deployed shield.  Molded in color and easy to assemble it requires no glue and paint to build. Quantities will be limited.

HG GPB-4 Pink Bearguy
Bandai Hobby - $30.00

The Pink Bearguy returns to SDCC 2013!  This extremely popular SDCC 2012 exclusive sold out on Day 2 last year, but another limited production has been produced for 2013.  If you missed out last year, here's your chance to grab it!  Clad in pink plastic, its level of cuteness and female appeal have been taken to the highest levels!  Molded in color and easy to assemble it requires no glue and paint to build.

RG Zaku II Real Type Color Ver.
Bandai Hobby - $45.00

This exclusive Zaku variant will be available for purchase at SDCC 2013!  The RG Zaku Real Type Color features the Advanced MS Frame, which allows the exterior armor to mount onto an internal skeleton that produces unbelievable degrees of articulation and stability at a 1/144 scale.  Features new marking decals and a more military like color scheme not found in the original RG Zaku release. Molded in color and easy to assemble it requires no glue and paint to build.  Quantities will be limited.

Source: Bluefin Distribution

Saturday, 29 June 2013

X-Plus August Releases

X-Plus has posted several teaser images of some of their August releases on their blog. Here are a couple of notable releases.

Toho Large Monsters Series Baragon 1965

Toho 30cm Series Kiryu 2003

RicBoy Exclusive includes Weapons Pack

Friday, 28 June 2013

Bluefin Tamashii Nations: Armored Red Ranger

S.H. Figuarts Armored Red Ranger
December 2013 - $44.99

The most powerful form of the Red Ranger has arrived to take down Rita Repulsa's forces of evil!  After receiving the Green Ranger Powers from an exhausted Tommy,  Jason is able to command the full arsenal of his former teammate, including the use of his Dragon Shield and Dagger.  Ready for action, the S.H. Figuarts Armored Red Ranger incorporates all of the necessary elements to achieve this morphinominal transformation, including the Power Sword, Dragon Dagger, Blade Blaster (in Blade mode only), and multiple handsets for posing.  Don't miss your chance to own this piece before it forever disappears to attend a peace conference.   

Source: Bluefin Distribution

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bluefin Tamashii Nations: Biollante

S.H. MonsterArts Biollante
December 2013 - $229.99

The largest Godzilla figure from Tamashii Nations to date, the massive Biollante joins the incredibly detailed S.H. MonsterArts line!   Highly requested through consumer feedback, Biollante has finally been approved for release after extensive testing to maintain the quality fans have come to expect in the line.  To further insure authenticity, the original creator, Fuyuki Shinada, of the Biollante model used in the "Godzilla vs. Biollante" movie was brought on board to personally plan, sculpt, and approve this piece to create the most accurate articulated Biollante figure ever.  Replicating her pulsating core just like the film, the chest area features a special light-up gimmick and light color can be changed via control switch.  S.H.MonsterArts Biollante's meticulous sculpt detail, massive proportion and thorough articulation at every neck joint allow for realistic portrayal of scenes from the movie. At an astounding 12", Biollante dwarfs even the mighty King Ghidorah, making her the largest foe Godzilla will ever tangle with.

Source: Bluefin Distribution

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Latest Purchases

Well, June has been a big month for me! On top of the items I'll be getting at the end of this month (technically arriving early next month), I have ordered and reserved a slew of other items as well!

Ultra-Act Ultraman Taro (June release)

Ultra-Act Father of Ultra (already released)

Ultra-Act Mother of Ultra (November release)

S.H. MonsterArts Biollante (November release)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ultra-Act Mother of Ultra

The Ultra-Act Mother of Ultra will be a Web Exclusive item slated to be released this November. Preorders are currently being taken by Big In Japan right now!

Monday, 24 June 2013

MonsterArts Biollante Promo Pics!

Here are the official promo pictures for the S.H. MonsterArts Biollante, which is now available for pre-order at ToyFreakz!