Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Figure Review: NECA Pacific Rim 7" Figure Series 01 - Crimson Typhoon

Welcome back! Now we move onto our review for NECA's 7" Crimson Typhoon figure!

In Pacific Rim, Crimson Typhoon is Hong Kong's designated Jaeger. And it is piloted by not two, but three pilots! It is definitely one of the more unique looking Jaegers due to its surreal design. It has two right arms, a non traditional head, and bird-like legs. Many have commented that this Jaeger looks a lot like the Decepticon, Shockwave, from the Transformers franchise. I see the resemblance  but I don't believe that it is a downright copycat.

The figure for Crimson Typhoon stands around the same height as Gypsy Danger, 7-8 inches tall. If you display it with its legs fully stretched, it can reach around 8.5 inches. The overall sculpt for this figure is pretty well done. From what we've seen of Crimson Typhoon from promotional material for the movie, it is really dead on in accuracy.

Unlike Gypsy Danger, I feel that Crimson Typhoon's most attractive side is the front. There is so much going on in the design and it is hard to take your eyes off of it.

When viewed from the left, Crimson comes off as a typical giant robot with its massive left arm, which I believe may turn into a cannon of some sort. Don't take my word for it though, that's just what it looks like. 

The back side is pretty plain in my opinion. Not much to see. 

As we complete our 360 view of the figure, we come to Crimson's two right arms. In the initial designs for this Jaeger, the rights arms and large left arm were on opposite ends. That was changed with the final concept. Personally, I would've preferred if the two right arms were on the left side. I believe it looks a lot more balanced that way. However, despite that, it doesn't tarnish the overall design.

The detailing on Crimson Typhoon is far superior than that of Gypsy Danger, personally. The weathering in Crimson's paint really helps gauge that this is a representation of a very large machine that has seen quite a bit of action in the field. The meticulous attention to detail with the Cantonese characters on the Jaeger's torso and the symbol on its shoulder are very, and I mean VERY, well done! 

Crimson Typhoon has the most points of articulation out of NECA's first wave of Pacific Rim figures. There is are ball joints in its head, second right shoulder, its big left shoulder, its torso, and its thighs. Everything else from its first right shoulder, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and feet are hinge joints. My only beef with this figure is that the feet are not on a ball joint and it takes a bit of time and patience to display the figure with both of its feet flat on the surface. 

Overall, Crimson Typhoon is a marvelous figure! It is my favorite of the three. The detailing is superb, articulation is plentiful, and the sculpt is smack-dab accurate. For $18.99 each, these figures are very well done and worth the price. Like with Gypsy Danger, you can still pre-order this guy at BigBadToyStore or buy directly from NECA via their Ebay store. 

Later today, be sure to catch our final review for NECA's first wave of Pacific Rim 7" figures!


  1. Thanks for the review. I especially like the photos and poses you did for the Typhoon.

  2. The second right arm has a double ball joint too, but it has been glued in place due to a molding fault in the torso on the first batch. The balljoint is sunk too deep into the torso and there isnt enough clearance on the other end to hold it in place properly so it pops off easily if you free it. To do so you need to remove the arm with the balljoint glued in and leave it to steep in hot water for a few minutes to melt the glue. I left mine be for a while before I got fed up and freed the joint. Not the best hold but its certainly better than simple back and forth movement.