Monday, 17 June 2013

Figure Review: NECA Pacific Rim 7" Figure Series 01 - Gypsy Danger

Note: Images in this review have been edited from their original format.
Well, it's about damn time that NECA released their first wave of 7" figures from Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming film, Pacific Rim, where the world is ravaged by giant deadly beasts called Kaiju (the Japanese term for Strange Beast) and as a means to battle them one-on-one, mankind creates a legion of giant robots called Jaegers (based on the German word for Hunter). In NECA's first wave of figures there are Gypsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, and the Kaiju, Knifehead. Today we will be reviewing Gypsy Danger.

I admit, in the months and weeks prior to the release of these figures, I was pretty unsure about getting them. I've never bought anything from NECA until now, so I was unknown to the quality for accuracy of these figures. However, after receiving them, I was convinced that NECA knows what they're doing! Gypsy Danger is the main Jaeger in Pacific Rim. The figure stands over 7" tall (closer to 8 inches in my opinion). The figure is sculpted out of soft plastics. Personally I'd prefer that the visor and power generator in Gypsy Danger's chest be made out of translucent plastics, but I believe that preference comes out of me being spoiled with Tamashii Nation products for the past couple of years. Regardless, this figure is well sculpted. Especially since NECA utilized actual digital models of the Jaegers and Kaiju when developing their figure line. This assures that we're getting something that is legitimate rather than someone's personal take on the design. 

The detailing on this figure is pretty fantastic. Photos really don't do this figure justice - even though I try! While the front looks pretty attractive, it's not as detailed as the back. 

The back of this figure reveals a lot of the working mechanisms on Gypsy Danger's back, arms, and legs. 

In regards to the figure's paint job, I have to say that it is very commendable. Every little detail is captured and it is impressive that these figures are hand-painted rather than shoved through an automatic assembly line. You can literally smell the fresh turpentine when taking them out of the package! I for one love that smell. I find the little markings on the figure to be the most impressive aspect about it, though it's done better on Crimson Typhoon's figure, which we'll get to in the next day or two.

As for articulation, let me first mention, or better yet, repeat, that I have been pretty spoiled with products from Tamashii Nations for the past couple of years in which their figures have essentially mastered the art of articulation (no pun intended). Sure, the articulation of NECA's Gypsy Danger is a bit lacking in some aspects, but it is good overall. You have a ball joint in the head, which has a decent range of motion despite what other reviewers are saying. There are ball joints in the shoulders, torso, wrists, and ankles; hinge joints in the elbows and knees; and a hybrid hinge/swivel joint in the thighs. 

Being one of my first NECA figures, I was very pleased with the 7" Gypsy Danger. It exceeded my initial expectations in regards to detail, size, and overall quality. While it does not scale with Tamashii Nation figures like Ultra-Act or S.H. MonsterArts I still recommend kaiju and mecha collectors to purchase this figure. You can still pre-order them at BigBadToyStore or buy directly from NECA via their Ebay store! 

Be sure to look out for our reviews for Crimson Typhoon and Knifehead throughout the week!

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