Thursday, 26 September 2013

S.H. MonsterArts Articulation Series - Godzilla 1964

Hey guys! Check out this awesome series of videos that shows off the impressive articulation capabilities of Tamashii Nations' S.H. MonsterArts figure line! Visit their Youtube Page for more videos. We hope to post these alongside our future reviews as well. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

MonsterArts Alien and Predator to be displayed at NYCC

Bluefin has just announced that next year's S.H. MonsterArts Alien (Releasing Jan. 2014) and Predator (Release Date TBA) will be showcased at this year's New York Comic-Con! Here is an article on Tamashii's site with plenty of brand new promotional images of the two figures.

The Next MonsterArts Figure Is...

January 2014 will be seeing the release of the S.H. MonsterArts Alien (actually titled AvP Xenomorph in the scan's description.) This will be the first non-Godzilla related MonsterArts figure since King Kong. It will come with an egg sac and chest-burster accessory.

Friday, 20 September 2013

X-Plus Toho 30cm Series SpaceGodzilla COLORED!

X-Plus has finally revealed the final paint scheme for the 30cm SpaceGodzilla figure, slated to release in late October!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Figure Review - Ultra-Act Ultraman Ace

My quest to collect the Ultra-Act figures of the Ultra Brothers is nearing its end! In early August, Tamashii Nations reissued the Ultra-Act Ultraman Ace, which was originally released last October. I missed out on buying it the first time, but thankfully Ace was rereleased! 

A little information about Ultraman Ace - He appeared in his own television series in 1972. This is the first Ultraman to possess two human hosts simultaneously: a man for courage, and a woman for love and peace. Since his own series, Ace has appeared in various other Ultraman series and films over the last 30 years. His most recent appearance was in the movie, Ultraman Saga

Figure Review - D-Arts Venusaur

Tamashii Nations rounds off the first genertion Pokemon starters with their release of the final evolution of Bulbasaur, the mighty Venusaur! 

The D-Arts Venusaur is a much smaller figure than I previously anticipated. It stands at around three inches, no bigger than June's D-Arts Blastoise figure. The smaller scale was a disappointing aspect about the figure since the last two figures seemed to match their in-game height statistics. 

Figure Review - Revoltech Yamaguchi Evangelion Unit 02 Gamma

Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo [2012] featured some great changes to the Evangelion series as a whole. Amongst those changes was the upgrading of the popular Evangelion Unit 02 piloted by the fiery Asuka Shikinami. 

The new Evangelion Unit 02 Gamma figure stands at around six inches tall. Unlike its predecessor, this figure has a bit of bulk to it. Similar to July's Evangelion 13 figure. It does not recycle any parts from the original Unit 02 figure. This figure is a completely brand new mold, and might I add, "Thank God!" 

Figure Review - S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 1964

Hurrah! This is the Kaiju Planet's 400th Post!

It's a long time coming, but in late July, Tamashii Nations released the first ever figure in the S.H. MonsterArts line that is from the classical Showa era of Godzilla films. The S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 1964 from the film, Mothra vs. Godzilla (or also known as Godzilla vs. The Thing stateside) is a very fitting start to a potential line of figures from the classic series of Godzilla films! 

Sculpted by Yuji Sakai, the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 1964 comes off with a great amount of detail and attention to sculpt. It manages to perfectly replicate the suit from Mothra vs. Godzilla quite nicely in regards to the level of detail as well as coloration. It's got a nice blends of dark grays and highlights of grayish-greens in the chest and knees. 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tamashii Nations December 2013 - Part 2

Metal Build:  Destiny Gundam
January 2014 - $189.99

Tamashii Nations is proud to announce that the titular mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny will be joining the premium Metal Build series!  Featuring diecast parts and state-of-the-art articulation, this incredible rendition of the titular MS has been rendered with an exceptional level of quality and detail.  For this particular iteration in the series, mechanical design director Tomo Shigeta was brought in to personally oversee the figure's creation, and ensure the Destiny was seen on screen was faithfully replicated down to the most minute detail.  This deluxe robot action figure set also boasts special features such as an original activation gimmick for the mobile suit’s secondary weapon- the massive M2000GX High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon.  In addition, the blade part of the MMI-714 "Arondight" Anti-Ship Sword features a moveable slide gimmick.  A full-array of accessories such as High-Energy Beam Rifle in addition to beam effect parts, interchangeable hands, and special display stand are also included in set.


Soul of Chogokin GX-64 Space Battleship Argo (Yamato) 2199
February 2014 - $264.99


In one of the most ambitious Chogokin projects to date, Tamashii Nations presents the Argo (Yamato) as it appears in the StarBlazers 2199 (Space Battleship Yamato 2199) anime as a high-end chogokin diecast model with full light (multiple LEDS with different colors for Wave Motion Engine and Gun sequence portrayal) and sound functions- features five tunes from the anime as well as five different cannon noises.  Measuring over 16" long, this is the largest version of the ship ever produced as a Chogokin, and features a combination of diecast and plastic parts to accurately portray the most minute details of the famed star cruiser. Light and sound gimmicks are controlled via remote control to enhance the experience and make you feel a part of the space battleship crew. Rendered with faithful proportions and exquisite detail, even hull internal mechanics can be viewed. Accessories such as interchangeable Rocket Anchor x2 and wings, Cosmo Zero x2 and Cosmo Falcon x4 fighters, and special display stand are included in this deluxe set.  *Batteries sold separately- requires 4 AAA batteries (two for model, two for remote control).  The North American release will include the original Japanese box design, but under the Starblazers moniker.

Source: Bluefin Distribution

Saturday, 7 September 2013

X-Plus October Releases

X-Plus has just announced their figure releases for the month of October on their website.

Reissue - Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1962 (RicBoy Exclusive)

Reissue - Large Monsters Series Daimajin (RicBoy Exclusive)

Toho 30cm Series Space Godzilla

Ultra New Generation Ultraman Gaia (V2)

Friday, 6 September 2013

In-Package Pics of NECA's 2nd Wave of 7" Pacific Rim Figures

NECA has posted these images to their Facebook page, showing their 2nd wave of Pacific Rim figures - Striker Eureka, Battle Damaged Gypsy Danger, and Leatherback - in their respective packaging.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Figma Mikasa Ackerman

Let's take a step back from Kaiju for a moment and look at something a little different: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Figma revealed at Wonderfest a couple months ago that they will be bringing forth a line of figures from said anime into their popular Figma line. January 2014 will see the first release of these figures starting with the ever-so-appealing Mikasa Ackerman, adopted sister of series hero, Eren Jaeger. She comes with the 3-D Manuever Gear, as well as blade swords. The rooftop accessory is a store exclusive if you order directly from Good Smile Company's website.