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Tamashii Nations January 2014

Saint Cloth Myth:  Athena
Jan 2014 - $119.99

The Mother of all Saints is here!  Athena will be released to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the popular Saint Cloth Myth line.  As the most anticipated Saint Cloth Myth release to date, this deluxe figure set will feature a wealth of option parts, including a special screaming face specifically for portraying the fight with Hades, and face part with eyes closed.  Her unique armor has been realized in exquisite detail, representing the character as she appeared in the original Manga. Both the wings and armor are articulated to recreate a variety of iconic poses, and her armor parts can be re-assembled to create object.  Shield, staff, and special display stand also included in set.  At last the pinnacle of the Saint Cloth Myth series has arrived.

Saint Cloth Myth:  10th Anniversary DX Display Stage Set
Jan 2014 - $59.99

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Saint Cloth Myth line, a six figure stand set for displaying the Saint Cloth Myth series has been designed, especially with the 10th Anniversary God Cloth Saint Cloth Myth figures in mind. Countless scenes can be recreated from the anime, including those memorable ones with Athena..  This special diorama specifically focuses on the Greek ascetic present in the series, and goes perfectly with the upcoming Saint Myth Cloth Athena figure.  Ideal for any serious Saint Cloth Myth collector.

S.H.Figuarts:  Kamen Rider Agito Burning Form
Jan 2014 - $40.99

In response to an outcry of fan demand, the furious Burning Form of Kamen Rider Agito finally makes his debut in the S.H.Figuarts line!  With a distinctly muscular sculpt and crimson metallic armor, Agito Burning Form is a prime  example of the pinnacle of articulation that the S.H.Figuarts line has achieved with it's line of highly detailed adult collectibles.  Several different sets of hands are featured, allowing Agito to assume his famous fighting poses from the series, and allow you to re-enact your favorite scenes.  Two types of Agito's famous Shining Caliber weapon are included, allowing him to hold his weapon in both single and twin bladed modes.   

S.H.Figuarts:  Kamen Rider Delta
Jan 2014 - $35.99

Tamashii Nations is pleased to announce the introduction of Kamen Rider Delta to the insanely popular S.H.Figuarts series!  Following Kaixa and the titular hero himself, Delta joins to the ranks as the final protagonist from Kamen Rider Faiz to enter the S.H.Figuarts Series.  This advanced action figure set features an extensive array of option parts, and superior articulation for recreating dynamic action scenes.  This meticulously crafted sculpt boasts fine details with faithfully represent the original suit used in the series- even the molding on the bottom of the feet has been accurately replicated!  The eyes on the helmet employ clear parts featuring a compound effect for enhanced realism, while key areas have been rendered in diecast for added weight.  Multiple accessories include the Delta Driver, the Delta Phone in various forms, and a plethora of hands for posing variations.

Ultra Act:  Ultraman Zero
Jan 2014 - $45.99

Ultraman Zero, son of the famed Ultra Seven, re-joins the Ultra-Act series, this time with superior articulation, updated proportions, and a full array of accessories!  This all new sculpt features a larger frame and interchangeable armor parts to allow for enhanced posing.  In addition, a special first time production run bonus effect part is included, and can be combined with Ultra-Act Ultraman Leo (as well as the upcoming Leo ver. 2.0 scheduled for release in 2014).  Also included are accessory and effect parts for "Zero Wide Shot" (and protector for Wide Shot), two Zero Sluggers (with effects), the Zero Twin Sword, interchangeable color timers for the chest area, and two interchangeable heads (with and without the Zero Sluggers attached), as well as multiple hand accessories for achieving your favorite moments from the show. 

S.H.Figuarts:  Sailor Mars
Jan 2014 - $42.99

Things continue to heat-up with the S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon line!

Following the release of Sailor Mercury, the next Sailor Senshi in Tamashii Nations' line-up will be none other than the Solider of Flame and Passion, Sailor Mars!  A shrine maiden with a fiery temperament, Sailor Mars finds herself constantly butting heads with the far less adept leader of the Sailor Team, Sailor Moon (the posing options with these two are endless).  To fully realize Sailor Mars in the S.H.Figuarts line, a wealth of accessories have been included, allowing her to perform her signature attacks, such as the "Fire Soul" and "Burning Mandala".  Mars can also show off her spiritual side, featuring a hand holding the "Akuryo Taisan!" (Evil Spirts Begone!") ofuda scroll.  Even her hair has been articulated to allow for a wind blown effect while executing her signature combat maneuvers.  A total of four faces are highlighted in the set, including smiling, serious, shouting, and one of intense focus and concentration.  Like her predecessors, she also comes with multiple hands for character specific poses, and a special display stand.  Don't miss out on this stellar release from Bandai, or (in the name of Mars) you'll chastise yourself later.

S.H.MonsterArts:  Godzilla 2000 (Millennium)
Jan 2014 - $74.99

Yuji Sakai continues his master crafted kaiju figures with this latest sculpt of S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla 2000 Millennium version!  In addition to meticulously crafted detail (each individual tooth and characteristic scaly back plate has been meticulously sclupted), S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla 2000 will boast the most advanced articulation of any of the previously released Godzillas, as well as the longest tail of any figure in the series!  The Millennium version of the King of the Monsters had a noticeably leaner, meaner sculpt than his predecessors.  Truly a centerpiece for any Godzilla fan, and perfect for any S.H.MonsterArts collector.

Robot Spirits:  ‹Side MS› Leo (Flight Unit)
Jan 2014 - $33.99

Because everyone loves Leos, and you can never have too many of them, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce the introduction of the mass produced Leo Mobile Suit as part of the Robot Spirits action figure series!  Based on the suit seen in Gundam Wing, this version of the army builder mecha comes equipped with a flight unit, allowing it to take to the skies for an advantage in battle.  Rendered faithfully to the proportions as they appeared on screen, the set includes a flight unit and booster accessories (x2), as well as 105 mm machine gun accessory and interchangeable hand parts.  This figure release has been appropriately timed with the re-issue of the Robot Spirits Leo option set.  Get them both to make things a bit more challenging for your Gundam Wing heroes (well, not really).

FiguartsZERO:  Sanji -Battle Ver.
Diable Jambe Flambage Shot-
Jan 2014 - $35.99

Following Zoro and Luffy, the popular FiguartsZERO One Piece Battle Version series continues with an all new Sanji!  This time captured as he performs one of his trademark finishing moves- the “Diable Jambe Flambage Shot". The fiery kick effect and Sanji’s legs are portrayed with clear parts featuring brilliant gradation coloring for enhanced realism.  Even the hair and finger areas are rendered with meticulous detail and attention to coloring. This highly detailed statue includes a special display stand, and is perfect for any Sanji fan.

Armor Girls Project:  Akatsubaki x Houki Shinonono
Jan 2014 - $99.99

The fifth title of the Armored Girls Project line-up from Infinite Stratus will be the main heroine, Houki Shinonono and her 4th Generation IS, the Akatsubaki!  This deluxe "mecha meets girl" action figure set features clear beam parts to depict Akatutsubaki’s characteristic fold out armor, as well as a wealth of other optional accessories.  The “Amatsuki” and “Karaware” katanas with sheath are included, in addition to four sets of interchangeable hand parts for the Akatsubaki IS, two interchangeable faces, and a special display stand.  Finally, as an added bonus, three interchangeable hand sets for the Shinonono figure are included as well to add to your IS customization.

S.H.Figuarts:  Kamen Rider G3-X
Jan 2014 - $32.99

Due to popular demand, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of the S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider G3-X.  Set features clear parts in eye areas for enhanced realism, and diecast materials in key areas for added weight.  Figure set also includes GX-05 Cerberus accessory and interchangeable hand parts.

Robot Spirits:  ‹Side MS› Gundam (Hard Point Edition)
Jan 2014 - $35.99

Due to popular demand, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of the Robot Spirits ‹Side MS› Gundam (Hard Point Edition).

Robot Spirits:  ‹Side MS› Leo Option Set
Jan 2014 - $20.99

Due to popular demand (and because even cannon fodder can use an upgrade), Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of the Robot Spirits ‹Side MS› Leo Option Set from Gundam Wing.  Option parts only, Leo figure not included.

Ultra-Act:  Glen Fire
Feb 2014 - $32.99

Due to popular demand, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of Ultra-Act Glen Fire

Ultra-Act:  Father of Ultra
Jan 2014 - $48.99

Originally a Japan only release, the Ultra-Act Father of Ultra re-issue has been confirmed for a North American release as well, thanks to Bluefin.  This figure of the Space Garrison Supreme Commander boasts proportions accurate to the costume seen on screen, as well as an extraordinarily high level of detail, and all the advanced articulation of the Ultra-Act line.  A wealth of accessories are featured in the set, including effect parts for Father Shot, accessories for the Ultra Array, Father of Ultra's signature mantle, an interchangeable color timer (red and blue versions), an alternate head (vs Alien Hipporito ver.), and interchangeable hands.  Truly the daddy of all Ultraman releases, don't miss out on your final opportunity to own this release.

Source: Bluefin Distribution

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