Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Figure Review - D-Arts Venusaur

Tamashii Nations rounds off the first genertion Pokemon starters with their release of the final evolution of Bulbasaur, the mighty Venusaur! 

The D-Arts Venusaur is a much smaller figure than I previously anticipated. It stands at around three inches, no bigger than June's D-Arts Blastoise figure. The smaller scale was a disappointing aspect about the figure since the last two figures seemed to match their in-game height statistics. 

Despite the smaller size, the D-Arts Venusaur is not a terrible figure. It is well sculpted and articulation is a massive improvement over the D-Arts Blastoise. There are more points of articulation in this figure too when compared to the latter. There are joints in the jaw, neck, torso, shoulders, arms, wrists, waist, legs, knees, and feet.

Also, the flower on Venusaur's back is fully articulated and adjustable! Each flower petal and leaf has a ball joint and can be raised and lowered. The flower stem itself is also on a ball joint at its base. 

Besides a Pokeball shaped Tamashii Stand, Venusaur comes with one other accessory as well: it's Vine Whip effect. The effect part comes separated in three different segments. You connect the vines to a ball joint peg on Venusaur's back beneath on of the leaves on its side. Each segment there is a peg that you plug into each according vine. The effect is neat, but being that the vines themselves are thin and the tip of the vine is huge and chunky, there are times when the vines will sag and ultimately fall off. They also seem to disconnect at the slightest touch so I'd suggest you to pose it and leave it alone. 

The D-Arts Venusaur, as a figure is not all that bad, but I would say that there could be improvement in it as well. I wish that it was a little bigger so it could've be in scale with Charizard, Blastoise, and Mewtwo. Also the Vine Whip effect parts could have been much better too. The pegs are too short in my opinion, which can explain why the segments fall off too easy. 

For a Pokemon fan, such as myself, this is a neat figure as it is. However, if you're not a hardcore Pokemon fan and feel that you can live without it, then that is all right. For me, this is the last D-Arts figure that I will be buying since I vowed to only collect the Pokemon figures. Even if more are released, I think I'll be passing on them. Mewtwo, Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur are good enough for me. 

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  1. Neato review! I thought you would maybe make it stand on its front feet for the solar beam or some other antic! Cool pics!