Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More Pictures of MonsterArts Destoroyah Evolution Set

My Spring 2013 Figure Haul

Once again it's that time again where I list all my figure reservations from now to July!
Ok, let's begin...

1. X-Plus Toho Large Monsters Series Rodan 1964
 Releasing: Hopefully this weekend!

2. S.H. MonsterArts Destoroyah (Perfect Form)
Releasing: February

3. D-Arts Mewtwo
Releasing: March

4. D-Arts Charizard
Releasing: April

5. S.H. MonsterArts King Kong
Releasing: April

6. S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mark. 6
Releasing: May

7. S.H. Figuarts War Machine
Releasing: May

8. S.H. MonsterArts Destoroyah (Evolution Set)
Releasing: July (stateside) 

X-Plus MechaGodzilla 1975

The X-Plus Toho Large Monsters Series MechaGodzilla 1975 is now available for pre-order at Hobby Search. It is currently priced at 8,840 yen, which is around $97 USD.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Figuarts Iron Man & War Machine

Tamashii Nations updated their site several days ago with a page showcasing the upcoming S.H. Figuarts Iron Man and War Machine figures, as well as their accessories, coming out this May.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Promo Pics of Ultra-Act Father of Ultra

Toy Review - Papo Running T-Rex, Ankylosaurus, and Lioness w/ Cub

I got my Papo figures in today, and let me tell you I am quite impressed with these.

I got three figures, their Running T-Rex, Ankylosaurus, and Lioness with cub. As a child I used to have several of their older animal figures. Since then, I have passed them down to my nephew. These figures, however, are a lot more detailed and well sculpted than the ones I had as a kid. Ok, enough with the nostalgia and onto the review. Let's start with the Running T-Rex figure. 

This is easily my favorite figure of the bunch. The Running T-Rex stands around six inches tall and about a foot from tip to tip. I was quite worried that this figure would have balance issues, but thanks to the weight distribution in the center of the body the figure stands perfectly still. The detailing on the skin, teeth, eyes, and mouth is simply astounding. It is sculpted out of hard rubber and PVC plastic in the lower jaw. Speaking of the jaw, it is the only point of articulation on the figure. View the images below.

Overall, this T-Rex figure is by far one of the best ones that I have ever owned. The only flaw is that there are a few minor flaws in the sculpt such as the T-Rex being somewhat skiinier and the arms are a tad too long. Regardless it is a neat figure and I am glad I got it. I give it a 4.5/5 rating.

My second figure is the Ankylosaurus. It is a mere couple of inches from foot to head and about six inches in length. Like the T-Rex the detailing and sculpt is pretty good. There are no flaws in the paint-apps. It's pretty much life-like when you see it in person.

The thing I really like about this figure, and the T-Rex, is that they perfectly scale one another and their poses make for a really neat looking battle scene. There is not much else to say about this figure except that it's pretty good. For what it is it gets a 5/5 rating. 

The final figure that I bought was the Lioness with Cub. The main reason I got it was for nostalgic reasons. As a kid I used to own a lot of Papo's older big cat figures. I also lived in Nairobi, Kenya for a couple of years and saw a lot of lions while on safaris. I saw this before checking out for my order and decided that I could display it amongst my other souvenirs from Kenya. To save some time, I'll just say that the level of detail that goes into these figures has not yet cease to amaze me. 

The lioness figure holds a cub in its mouth. It is a really neat choice for the figure and enhances its display value. To make things short, it is definitely a really cool and very well sculpted figure. It gets a 4.5/5 rating from me. 

I do look forward to buying more Papo dinosaur and animal figures in the near future. 

Latest Purchase

This morning, I reserved myself the S.H. MonsterArts Destoroyah Evolution Set from BigBadToyStore. Pricey little set, but I do hope it will be worth it.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

S.H. MonsterArts Destoroyah Evolution Set Promo Pics

Bluefin has just posted the first promo picture of the upcoming S.H. MonsterArts Destoroyah Evolution Set, slated to release in June/July of this year.

Also, according to the Tamashii Web Shop, reservations for this set will be up tomorrow. Be ready, guys! I'm ready to preorder mine. :D

Collection Photos

Took some new photographs of my collection. I reorganized my display the other day so I wanted to show it off to you guys.