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Original Figure Review - X-Plus DefoReal Series Godzilla (2016) The 4th Form

Written by Arlo Hansen

Continuing on with the Shin-Godzilla trend, today I will be reviewing one of X-Plus's most recent releases, the DefoReal Series Godzilla (2016) 4th Form. Ever since I saw the unpainted prototypes of this and the other Shin Godzilla forms, I knew I just had to have it. DefoReal, also referred to as Default Real, is a brand new series of figures from X-Plus that apply their realistic movie accurate sculpting to super deformed/chibi versions of your favorite giant monsters. Unlike most of X-Plus's other figures, the DefoReal series is much more accessible to the casual figure collector who does not wish to spend $100 and beyond. This figure retails for around $45 USD, and with shipping came out at around $75. Even though it is available at a reasonable cost, is it worth it? Read this brief review to find out!

The X-Plus DefoReal Godzilla (2016) 4th Form released in late June and was (and still is) widely available from Japanese online stores such as Hobby Search, AmiAmi and HobbyLink Japan. Unlike most other X-Plus figures, this did not have an Internet exclusive RIC Boy version. However, there will be an online exclusive version made available later this year. More on that later. 

The figure is sculpted out of soft vinyl and stands at around five inches tall. It isn't big, nor heavy. However, it's overall girth and exaggerated features allow it to really stand out. Even when displayed next to X-Plus's other larger figures. I currently have mine displayed next to my Gigantic Series Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Godzilla (1954) and it actually looks right at home next to it! X-Plus did an outstanding job at replicating Godzilla's appearance from Shin-Godzilla (2016) in such a small and exaggerated sculpt. The base color of the figure is red. The whole figure was sculpted out of red vinyl and then mostly painted dark charcoal gray. The underlying red coloration looks very nice and its use on some areas such as the nose, spines, chest and tail actually give the illusion that it's glowing! 

Godzilla's sharp, jagged, needle-like teeth are very nicely sculpted and painted. They're a dirty bone white color with a nice reddish pink gradient at the base. The teeth stretch all across Godzilla's bulky head, giving him a very unsettling grin. There is a very nicely applied glossy finish on top of the teeth to give it a shiny appearance and smoothened texture.

The eyes are also nicely done on this figure as well. They're painted very light gray with downward facing black pupils much in the same fashion of the original 1954 Godzilla. I do not know whether to consider this aspect of Shin Godzilla cute or unnerving...

While on the topic of "faces," what about the one supposedly on the tip of Godzilla's tail? Well, it's there too! The tip of the tail is very detailed. The face is pretty exaggerated and stylized with the jaw wide open. It really stands out on its own too thanks to the nicely applied dirty bone coloration.

Godzilla's distinct protruding chest is very nicely sculpted with the skin looking as if it's charred meat. The underlying red coloration is meticulously applied within the folds and wedges of the skin, creating a look of rawness.

The dorsal plates are also sculpted fairly well. Given the figure's small and stylized look, the number of fins were reduced. There are still five rows, which is neat. The mix of dark gray and red is very well done here, adding to the illusion of a bioluminescent glow.

Shin-Godzilla's distinctive upward facing hands are replicated perfectly on this little guy as well! Each claw is carefully painted without any unintentional bleeding whatsoever.

The DefoReal Godzilla (2016) 4th Form, as I've mentioned before, is not a big figure. It stands at five inches tall. To give you guys a frame of reference, I photographed it alongside the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (2016) which stands roughly seven to eight inches tall. Personally, the DefoReal figure is the better looking Shin Godzilla in regards to overall detailing...

Later this year in October, a RIC Boy / Bandai Premium Webshop exclusive of the DefoReal Godzilla (2016) 4th Form will be releasing that depicts him in his "Awakened" state. It's the same sculpt as the original, but has an alternate open mouthed head sculpt and a purple atomic breath coloration. It's priced around $55 on the RIC site.

All in all, the DefoReal Godzilla '16 4th Form from X-Plus is a nifty little tyke of a figure. It takes the Shin Godzilla design and exaggerates its features for comical effect while also maintaining very realistic and movie accurate detailing. It is a mix of cuteness and horridness, and I say that in the best way possible.

Now, is it worth the $45 + shipping price tag? Oh, absolutely! For anyone who is a casual collector and wants a decent Shin-Godzilla figure, even if its in Chibi form, this is well within your price range.

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