Thursday, 27 December 2012

Promo Pics of MonsterArts Kong

Bluefin has updated their page with clearer promo images of April's S.H.MonsterArts King Kong.

Source - Bluefin Distribution


  1. I like it...however most think it's just a huge Gorilla and not enough "King Kongish" for them. My thing is that it looks as if Mezco designed it. I know the articulation will have more than the Mezco figure but this still looks like Mezco made it don;t you think?

    1. That's the thing about the 2005 Kong design. It's so generic that any figure of it would look identical to that of another company's. Heck, I could easily buy a rubber Gorilla figurine from the zoo gift shop and say it's the 2005 Kong. However, this figure does look good regardless. I'm just surprised that there is no Ann Darrow figurine for Kong to hold (which was shown at SDCC) and instead, replaced it with a stick. I'll be buying one once preorders pop up (I assume either the end of this week or shortly after New Years).

    2. Shoot, not SDCC, New York Comic-Con! XD