Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Latest Purchase

Bought one last item for this month, and it's definitely one that I have been waiting on for a good amount of time, the Sci-Fi Revoltech Baragon. Hopefully I'll be getting it by Friday or Saturday if shipping isn't delayed.


  1. looks pretty cool, I saw a review on it recently. Think they make a little Frankenstein to go with it? most likely not since nobody can get the rights to the name Frankenstein. I like these figures but I still don't think in the long run the type of plastic they use is going to last. Too many horror stories of the joints breaking after a short period of time....nonetheless he looks AWESOME. you should do a mini review over on the Kaiju Korner **wink wink**. I could totally picture myself at 8 years old playing with these in the sandbox. Those were the days.

    1. Ha, will do!

      Yeah, I wish Revoltech made a Frankenstein figure to go along with Baragon. I am somewhat bummed out that they did not continue to do anymore Toho kaiju. I guess they were weeded out when Bandai rolled out their S.H.MonsterArts line. So far I have Revoltech figures of Anguirus '68, Rodan '56, Mothra '61, Gigan '72, and the Type 66 Maser Cannon from War of the Gargantuas. Now that Baragon's on the way, I now need the Showa Moguera and the Gotengo (from Atragon) to complete my Toho Revoltech collection. While the Gamera figures in this line look pretty cool too, I have no interest in buying Gamera related items. Just too focussed on Godzilla right now!

  2. I have Baragon,Gigan(with 2 right arms and no left),Mothra,and Rodan.I like them but I like the SH Monsterarts more.