Monday, 28 July 2014

Figure Review - Ultra-Act Ultraman Zero [Renewal Ver.]

As of the past couple of years, the Ultra-Act line has been releasing brand new sculpts of older character releases. So far we have got new sculpts of Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Leo, with Astra and Ultraman Tiga coming out in August. These 'renewals' are being done so older character releases have figures that are up to date in regards to the advanced articulation mechanisms within the figure's sculpt. It's neat, especially so new collectors could acquire figures of their favorite characters. Today we'll be reviewing brand new version of the Ultra-Act Ultraman Zero.

Unfortunately I do not have the original Ultra-Act Ultraman Zero on hand with me right now, so I am unable to do a proper comparison between the two figures for this review. For me, reviewing Ultra-Acts has become very routine. Why? Because all the figures essentially have the same human build. They all stand at six to seven inches in height. They possess more-the-same level of detail. Articulation is pretty standard, and there is nothing new to it, which really makes it stand out from past releases or its original counterpart. The noticeable change in sculpt between the new Ultra-Act Zero and the original, however, is that it is more pronounced. The sculpt appears to be much defined and streamlined when compared to the first version. It gives the figure a more domineering presence.

Like with all other Ultra-Act releases, accessories are a big part of the figure experience. A staple of these highly articulated figures is the multiple option parts for hands. They certainly give Zero (like any other Ultra-Act or Figuarts figure) a great deal of personality and action.

Besides option hands, Zero is equipped with a whole bundle of neat accessories. It comes with an alternate head with its Zero Sluggers removed. Two pairs of his Sluggers are packed in with this figure. One pair with an energy effect, and a pair without. The Sluggers with then energy effect is new and something that the original figure did not have.

Of course, Zero's Wide Zero Shot ray effect was also added. Like the Zero Sluggers with the energy spewing effect, this is also new. Surprisingly the original figure for Zero was not equipped with a ray effect part at all!

This figure also comes with an alternate set of shoulder pads to allow greater articulation, and another effect part for Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Leo's Leo-Zero Double Flasher attack, which combines both Ultramen's beam attacks into one awesome ray.

Unfortunately I do not have my Ultra-Act Ultraman Leo on hand to display this effect properly. I'll be sure to update this review when I do get around to displaying both figures with this effect.

We're not done with accessories yet! Two of Zero's most distinctive weapons are his Zero Twin Sword (formed by Zero's Sluggers combined with the energy of the Plasma Spark), and his Zero Twin Shoot.

Finally, no Ultra-Act Ultraman figure will be complete without an alternate red color timer, signaling that an Ultraman's power is decreasing or that he has been weakened.

I may have grown bored at reviewing Ultra-Act figures, but don't get me wrong. I love these figures! The renewal version of the Ultra-Act Ultraman Zero is no exception. It might not be drastically different from the original figure released back in 2010, but it certainly makes up for it with accessories! If you're not a completist, then this figure is a certain pass, but the accessories alone make it for a worthwhile purchase. I'm glad I took a shot at it and snagged it!

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