Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Figure Review: NECA Pacific Rim 7" Ultra Deluxe Action Figure - Kaiju Scunner

Continuing their popular line of Pacific Rim collectible action figures, NECA brings us Scunner, one of the three Kaiju that Jaegers, Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka, battled against at the breach in the final battle of said movie. Instead of being released in an official series (eg: Series 01, 02, 03...), Scunner was released individually in late July/early August as an Ultra Deluxe figure.

Scunner stands at 7 inches tall. It utilizes much of the same body sculpt as the previous Battle Damaged Knifehead and Trespasser figures. However, there are several notable differences other than the head and overall coloration that differentiates this figure from the previous two sculpts. Firstly, both pairs of hands have new sculpts. The smaller secondary pair now have three fingers instead of four like on Knifehead and Trespasser. The main larger pair of hands have more straightened fingers and longer claws. The carapace on Scunner's back is slightly different than that of both Knifehead and Trespasser as well. Finally the tail, while largely the same, has four barbed spikes at the end.

In regards to overall body sculpt, there is one difference that sets it apart from the previous figures, and that is the soft rubber overlay that stretches over the entire torso. The flap over the upper body effectively hides away the shoulder joints. 

Now onto articulation. Overall, Scunner is relatively the same as Battle Damaged Knifehead and Trespasser, however, the elbow joints on this figure seem to have a tad (just a tad) more range than on the previous two said figures. Other than that there is no major differences. 

The paint job, for me, is one of the best NECA has done on a Kaiju figure. You get a gentle blend of greens, grays, and turquoise in the color scheme. It all has a natural flow to it that really makes the figure stand out from the others. 

Let's move onto scaling! Being the same overall body sculpt as Trespasser and Knifehead, Scunner stands at around the same height as those two figures. With Jaegers such as Gipsy Danger, Scunner appears to be in-scale with them. 

Overall, Scunner is a neat addition to NECA's Pacific Rim figure line. While there is no big difference in sculpt, Scunner features amazing paint work and detailing to make it unique when compared to its similarly sculpted counterparts. For any Pacific Rim figure collector, I recommend it.

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