Tuesday, 16 July 2013

San Diego Comic-Con News

With SDCC just around the corner, I felt like we needed an update!

First off, with Pacific Rim now making a bang among Kaiju, and Mecha fans as well as the general public, it's high time that our focus be shifted to Legendary Pictures' next big Kaiju film, GODZILLA! the Big G will have a big presence at the con this year with a special event planned by Legendary and Warner Bros. A teaser poster was just released in the past day. We get a good indication of what Godzilla, himself, will look like. Prints will be sold at SDCC.

Also, Bluefin has teased us with a scan of their labels for figures to be shown at the con. It turns out that on top of a new western D-Arts character, we'll also be seeing brand new S.H. MonsterArts prototypes as well! One of a western character, and the other that is NOT a kaiju! Whatever they are is still a mystery, but hopefully not for long.

We'll keep you updated on the latest news from SDCC in regards to Legendary's Godzilla, and the new S.H. MonsterArts figures!

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