Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Figure Review: Revoltech Yamaguchi Evangelion Unit 08 Alpha Wille Custom Series

It's been quite a while since the last time Revoltech has released a new Evangelion figure. The last figure to come out was a renewed version of Unit 02 that had a resculpted head, and alternate left arm as it appeared in an early teaser for Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo. The sculpt turned out to be innacurate in some details, but thanks to some accessories with the new Unit 08 figure, that was changed. That aspect will be expanded on more later on in this review.

For those who have not yet seen the new movie, Unit 08 is Mari's new EVA unit. Obviously it reflects her pink plug-suit and is easily associated with the character. Also, this version of Unit 08 is designated Alpha. It appears briefly during the battle in space where both Mari and Asuka retrieve Unit 01 from orbit. The EVA is modeled after the standard body style that you see in Unit 00, and Unit 02. The head has multiple eyes, but its shape is reminiscent of a cat head, which once again is mean't to be associate with Mari's character for she has a tendency to "meow" when she speaks or sings. 

Unit 08 Alpha features the same points of articulation as all of Revoltech's recent EVA figures they've released in the past couple of years. The body sculpt is entirely the same too with the exception of the head. The eyes in the head are sculpted out of green translucent plastic, so when you shine a light onto it, it gives off the illusion that its glowing. The accessories are pretty similar as to the Unit 02 figure released last October: Alternate Option Hands, Sniper Rifle, and Re-Entry Shield.

Accessories that are unique to Unit 08 Alpha itself are its 'prayer hands' as I like to call them. You can recreate the moment where Mari and Unit 08 Alpha descend back into Earth's atmosphere, leaving Asuka and Unit 02 to engage the Nemesis Series attached to the terresact that holds Unit 01. 

As I have mentioned earlier, Unit 08 Alpha includes new parts to be attached to the Unit 02 figure released last October to make it film accurate! This includes an alternate shoulder pylon for its immediate right arm and an entire replacement left arm/ grappling cable launcher. These new accessories a welcome site from Revoltech and that we don't have to shelf out more money for a brand new Unit 02 figure (like many of us did for the repainted Provisional Unit 05 figure when 2.0 came out). 

Overall, I really enjoyed Unit 08 Alpha. It's pretty basic and there is nothing new in the sculpt to really commend. The highlight of this figure is definitely the add-ons for Unit 02. For any completist, this figure is a must. However for those who can wait a little long, Unit 08 Beta, the version of this EVA that you mostly see in the latter half of 3.0 comes out on October 15th. 

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