Friday, 4 September 2015

X-Plus Toho Large Monsters Series Gorosaurus 1968 Product Review + Additional Photos & Extra Thoughts

My second video figure review is now online at my YouTube channel. Check it out!

For additional photos and extra thoughts, read on...

Tried my best to fit King Ghidorah in my review space...

Not pictured: Kumonga & Baragon. Missing: Rodan & Varan.

Was this a standard release?
No. Gorosaurus 1968 was a RIC Boy exclusive reissue only available through X-Plus' Japanese website and third parter sellers.

Were there any accessories?
No. Gorosaurus was not packed with any additional accessories like Godzilla 1968 (with Minya,) and Anguirus 1968 (with the Moonlight SY-3 space ship.) What made this particular figure an exclusive was the brand new paint job.

Any issues with it?
Not that I've noticed. Gorosaurus 1968 was a pretty solid release/reissue by X-Plus. I have no complaints about it whatsoever!

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