Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Upcoming Videos!

Now that I have uploaded my first review video onto our Youtube channel I plan to continue on a weekly basis (with one video per week,) hopefully, depending on what items I have yet to review or what I have coming in. So far, I have quite a bit to cover:

- X-Plus Toho Large Monsters Series Gorosaurus 1968 (RIC Boy reissue/repaint)
- X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Modeling Collection Godzilla 1991 Hokkaido Landing Ver.
- NECA Classic Godzilla Series - Godzilla 1954
- X-Plus Toho Large Monsters Series Godzilla 1995
- Sideshow Collectibles Knifehead Statue

So yeah, that's what I have planned thus far. Am I abandoning my traditional write-up reviews? Not quite just yet. I'll only write up a review if I am unable to do a video for reasons beyond my control. My intent is to gradually switch to doing my reviews exclusively on video.

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