Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sideshow Collectibles Godzilla Maquette Product Review + Extra Thoughts

Well, here it is folks! Our first in a hopefully long series of review videos. Today we focus on the highly anticipated Sideshow Collectibles Godzilla Maquette, released back in July. Watch our video to get a closer look at this humongous statue.

Read more below to see additional photos of the maquette and extra thoughts and opinions that were left out of the video.


To further elaborate on some of my thoughts and opinions from the video, I decided to add this "Extra Thoughts" section in the video review's accompanying blog post - something I'll do with all my videos. 

Do I prefer the Sideshow Godzilla Maquette or the X-Plus 30cm Godzilla 2014? 
Both the maquette and vinyl figure are very well sculpted and detailed, but they do also have their flaws. I don't think I can pick one over the other since they're pretty different and serve different purposes. The X-Plus figure is supposed to be an accurate representation of the character while the Sideshow Maquette seems to evoke a more artistic style rather than a pure film replica, unlike the upcoming 14" Godzilla Statue. Frankly I think both the Sideshow Collectibles Maquette and X-Plus 30cm figure are the best figure representations of the Godzilla 2014 design to date. 

How was I able to afford such an expensive piece?
If you are new to Sideshow Collectibles, like I was prior to buying the Godzilla Maquette, you would wonder how one would be able to pay for such an item. However, Sideshow is there to look out for its customers and have a flexible payment plan set on their website for people who cannot afford to pay for an item in full on the spot. It's best to utilize their Flexpay system when preordering items so by the time it releases (10-12 months after it goes up for preorder,) then it is completely paid for and will ship immediately once in stock. If you use Flexpay for an item that is already in stock, you would have to wait until the item is fully paid for before it ships - depending on how much they charge you per pay period, it could take two to three months before your item leaves the warehouse. 

Paint Details?
I forgot to add a slight nitpick of mine with some of the paint apps on this statue. Godzilla's fingers had their claws painted dark gray/black, while his toes remained in the lighter gray skin color. Truthfully, the paint on the fingers is pretty unnoticeable unless you take the time to lean in and look at them up close. From a distance, they look as if they're naturally shaded. This issue seems to have been fixed on the upcoming 14-inch statue. While it does irk me a bit, it does nothing to sway my overall opinion about this piece.

Is it worth it?
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. That is what I'll say for this piece. Some may not like it, some will love it. It's not everyone's cup of tea. With that being said, I fell in love with this piece as soon as I pulled it out from its massive box! 

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