Thursday, 3 September 2015

Funko unveils Godzilla POP! Vinyl Figure

Rejoice collectors! Funko finally unveils their anticipated POP! Movies Godzilla vinyl figure at a Gamestop convention in Las Vegas. The figure is slated for a November 3rd release date (how fitting!)

Up until Funko's unveil, I was assuming that the POP! figure would be based on the 2014 design. I am quite grateful that it turned out to be the classic Toho Godzilla instead, which hopefully opens up the possibility for other characters to accompany it in the future such as Mothra, Rodan, Gigan, Jet Jaguar, MechaGodzilla, King Ghidorah and etc.


Apparently there will be three variants of the POP! Godzilla figure: a standard green colored version, a GameStop exclusive gray version, and another version with blue colored spines.

We'll update again when we have confirmation.

Image Source: on Facebook

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