Thursday, 31 October 2013

MonsterArts Gigan 2004 Unveiled @ Tamashii Nations 6 (And More!) UPDATED!

Tamashii Nations 6 is currently in full swing and we have glimpses to several new figures of interest that have been unveiled!

Amongst other prospective S.H. MonsterArts releases such as Mothra (confirmed for an April 2014 release), Battra, Biollante, and Godzilla 2000, we also have the newly unveiled Gigan 2004 (Godzilla: Final Wars) as well!

And the original Alien too!

In regards to Ultra-Acts, we see renewal versions of both Ultraman Astra and Leo as well as Ultraman King in all his glory!

Also there is to be a new D-Arts Pokemon figure. But it still has yet to be unveiled!

And it has been revealed to be none other than Lucario!


  1. Question on the S.H Monsterarts Predator figure. When we 1st saw it, wasn't it the figure based on Scar from the AvP movie. Right now it is the Wolf Predator from AvP:R. So is there any announcement that the Scar figure will be released?

    1. As far as I know, there aren't any immediate plans for the Scar figure at this point.

      For now, they will release Wolf Predator and Alien Warrior figures, then gauge the consumer report of overall sales. There's always a chance that a Scar figure could be made as long as the Wolf Predator and Alien Warrior figures sell well.

  2. I am excited for the GFW Gigan. I look forward to any updates concerning his price, and when he will be released (as a normal or web-exclusive).

    1. I bet Gigan will be a standard release. It seems to be one of the more popular Kaiju in the franchise. I am, however, surprised that Mothra may be a web exclusive. The Web Shop logo appears on Mothra's name tag in the image above. We'll know for certain once she's officially announced for release.