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Bluefin Tamashii Nations Preorders: January 2014 (February U.S.)

S.I.C. Kamen Rider No. 1 (New)
$50.99 - Feb. 2014

The exquisitely sculpted SIC series welcomes its 15th year with a special commemorative product.  Introducing a complete remake of Kamen Rider No.1 (Shinichigo)!  Portrayed in superb proportion, and aesthetically crafted by sculptor Kenji Ando, this ultimate Kamen Rider action figure set features a full array of articulation gimmicks and effect options.  Two types of head parts are included for depiction of standard helmet and helmet with crusher visor open.  Rider Kick and Rider Punch effect parts are included along with special Ikadevil display stand.  Improved articulation and renewed frame allows for more precise aerial action poses.

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Garren & Red Rhombus
$81.99 - Feb. 2014

Kamen Rider Garren from Kamen Rider Blade joins the S.H.Figuarts series in set with Red Rhombus bike!  This advanced action figure boasts cutting-edge S.H.Figuarts articulation and replicates the Kamen Rider blade character in faithful proportion and high-detail.  A full array of accessories are featured in set, including the Garren Rouzer gun which can be modified with additional parts to portray open/full deck appearance.  Accessories for Rouze cards, four sets of interchangeable hand parts and special clear display stand are also included in set.

S.H.MonsterArts Alien Warrior
$55.99 - Feb. 2014

A brand new series has debuted in the S.H.MonsterArts line!  From 2004’s Alien vs. Predator, the sleek reworking of the original Alien design has been accurately replicated in figure form, right down to the translucent head structure and bony armor plating.  Thorough research has allowed for superb detail in the sculpt, bringing out all the fine details almost impossible to see on-screen.  The segmented tail is the main attraction of this figure, with each section a separate poseable piece.  Adding to its ferocity, the tip of the already dynamic tail has then been sharply molded in diecast: lethal!  Accessories include a finely detailed egg chamber and the famous juvenile form of the Warrior, the chestburster.  The S.H.MonsterArts Alien Warrior represents a new pinnacle of excellence for Alien action figures.  Pose all together with the upcoming S.H.MonsterArts Predator Wold to experience all the non-stop action first hand.

S.H.MonsterArts Predator Wolf
$58.99 - Mar. 2014

The second figure in the Alien vs. Predator series has been revealed!  The Predator Wolf from the 2007 sequel film, “Alien vs. Predator: Requiem” joins the S.H.MonsterArts line in absolutely stunning detail.  A portion of the armor has been recreated in diecast metal, while the weaponry is molded in finely detailed ABS plastic.  PVC has been used to capture the correct look of the body, while the famed “dreadlocks” utilize soft PVC so as not to interfere with the posing.  The Predator’s signature mask can be removed just like in the film, revealing its grotesque organic face beneath.  Interchangeable mandibles allow it to either be displayed in normal or howling modes.  As an added gimmick, the classic Predator weapon, the wrist blade, can be displayed with either exposed or retracted.  This is the ultimate action figure portrayal of the ultimate Predator warrior.  Pose him alongside the S.H.MonsterArts Alien Warrior to get the maximum AVP experience.

Robot Spirits Hi-ν Gundam
$56.99 - Feb. 2014

Hi-ν Gundam mobile suit from “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children” photo novel joins the ranks of Robot Spirits in intrepid form and massive proportion.  Replete with articulated gimmicks, this advanced robot action figure features workable funnel container, beam saber gimmick, as well as fin funnel barrier defense field portrayal via effect sheets.  A full array of armament accessories including Beam Sabers, the New Hyper Bazooka, Beam Rifle, and three sets of interchangeable hand parts are also featured in set.

Robot Spirits Sinanju (Animation Edit.)
$56.99 - Feb. 2014

The Sinanju MS from Mobile Gundam Unicorn rejoins the Robot Spirits series with all new parts and improved stylish proportion.  This set features damaged head parts and massive bazooka.  A gimmick unique to the figure is also featured- beam magnum can be attached to reverse-side of shield!  The bazooka can also be attached to shield and beam rifle.  Two beam sabers, two beam axes, as well as a full-array of interchangeable hand parts and forearm covers are also included in this ultimate robot action figure set.

Saint Cloth Myth Orion Eden
$83.99 - Feb. 2014

Following the Saint Cloth Myth release of Pegasus Kouga will be a second title from the “Saint Seiya Omega” anime- introducing Saint Cloth Myth Orion Eden.  This figure will feature diecast armor parts that can be re-assembled into the character’s Orion Object.  Orion Eden’s veil has been replicated with clear parts for added realism and interchangeable parts to allow for portrayal of character with out his mask.

Saint Cloth Myth Andromeda Shun 10th Anniversary Edition
$89.99 - Feb. 2014

The Saint Cloth Myth series was launched in 2003,and since then over 7million Saint Cloth Myth deluxe action figure sets have been sold around the world.  Tamashii Nations celebrates the 10th year anniversary of the Saint Cloth Myth series with a very special renewal of the 5 God Cloth titles.  The fourth commemorative title will be Andromeda Shun.  This special commemorative set will feature an entirely new color scheme, as well as all new screaming facial expression parts for realistic portrayal of the iconic Elysian scene.  This deluxe set features a full array of interchangeable hand parts as well as additional cloth armor ports for assembly of Andromeda object.

12" PM Barnaby Brooks Jr.
$284.99 - Feb. 2014

Timed with the release of the recently announced Tiger&Bunny Rising feature film will be the second 12”PM Tiger & Bunny title- Barnaby Brooks Jr!  With product development overseen by artist Masakazu Katsura himself, the protagonist has been recreated in faithful detail. This premium action figure will feature a fully internal LED system and interchangeable face parts to allow for portrayal of both masked and unmasked versions of Barnaby.  Interchangeable hand parts and a special display stand are also included in set.

$13.99 - Feb. 2014

Due to popular demand, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited reissue of the Tamashii Stage Act Trident (Clear).

TAMASHII Stage Act 4 (Clear)
$13.99 - Feb. 2014

Due to popular demand, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited reissue of the Tamashii Stage Act 4 (Clear).

Tamashii Stage Act 5 (Clear)
$13.99 - Feb. 2014

Due to popular demand, Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited reissue of the Tamashii Stage Act 5 (Clear).

Source: Bluefin Distribution

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