Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Figure Review - S.H. MonsterArts MFS-3 Kiryu [MechaGodzilla]

From the very start, Tamashii Nations' line of super-articulated monster figures, S.H. MonsterArts, has primarily focussed on releasing creatures from the Heisei (1984-1995) series of Godzilla films, with the sole exception of Peter Jackson's King Kong. However, as of July we got our very first Showa (1954-1975) series figure in the form of Godzilla 1964, and now we have our very first Millennium (1999-2004) series figure in the form of the popular MFS-3 Kiryu... AKA, MechaGodzilla! 

Kiryu also referred as MechaGodzilla is the third version of the character in the entire Godzilla franchise. Unlike previous MechaGodzillas, Kiryu is not entirely machine, but also implemented with organic components. It is actually built upon the skeleton of the first Godzilla from 1954. The S.H. MonsterArts MFS-3 Kiryu is one beautiful looking figure! The figure is based on the cyborg's appearance in the 2002 Toho film, Godzilla against MechaGodzilla. Diecast parts are implemented throughout this sculpt, more than any previous mecha released in the MonsterArts line. You have metallic parts from the feet, up the legs and onto its chest. The diecast metal adds some weight to this figure, giving it excellent balance to put it in a wide range of radical poses. 

Kiryu has to be one of, if not, the of the most dynamic MonsterArts figures released up to date! The capabilities of this figure really took me my surprise. I had somewhat of an idea of how much Kiryu can be posed, but once I got this beast machine in my hands, I had quite a bit of fun! 

The Absolute Zero Cannon in Kiryu's chest can be unveiled by opening the chest flaps, which are diecast. It's too bad that Tamashii Nations is no longer providing effects parts along with their MonsterArts figures. An Absolute Zero beam effect would have been a really cool accessory for this figure.

One of the neat aspects about this figure is that the rocket boosters in its legs are able to be opened by prying open the flaps on both sides of its thighs.

Like the previous S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 1964, the tail of Kiryu is perhaps one of the most posable to date. It is right up there with the articulated tails for SpaceGodzilla and Destoroyah. 

On top of the Rocket Launchers and Plasma Wrist Cannon accessories, Kiryu also comes with a pair of small sword-like extensions that are attached to the Wrist Cannons. They're used to impale and shock Godzilla, as seen in the climax of Godzilla against MechaGodzilla.

Kiryu is actually packaged with its weapons unattached, so this is how it'll look when you pull him out of the box. Even without its rocket launcher and wrist cannons, Kiryu still looks pretty darn awesome! 

The figure is also supplied with another pair of alternative eyes that can easily be switched out of removing the top part of the head and replacing it with either of the following:

Powered Down Eyes

My personal favorite: Red Beserker Eyes!

Kiryu essentially dwarfs the previously released S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 1964!

Overall, Tamashii Nations seems to be vastly improving the quality of their MonsterArts figures with each release. They've been taking steps in the right direction ever since last November's S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 1995. I certainly hope that the quality just goes up, and up, and up, and up! The MonsterArts Kiryu is a figure that any Godzilla collector should own, no excuse! It is an awesome, fun, and beautiful figure that anyone can enjoy. 

It has my two thumbs up approval! 

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