Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Figure Review - Revoltech Yamaguchi Evangelion Unit 08 Beta

And so the final figure in Revoltech's main line of figures from Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo has finally reached my doorstep! This is our review for the Revoltech Yamaguchi Evangelion Unit 08 Beta.

The figure comes in the standard Revoltech window box with an image of the figure in the bottom left corner.  The purple wraparound on the bottom gives the packaging a bit of flare in my opinion. Based on what you can see, this figure comes with quite a bit as seen with the previous Evangelion figures released throughout this year. We'll touch upon that a little later.

 The figure itself stands at around five to six inches in height. The body mold is the exact same as August's Evangelion Unit 02 Gamma, however there are differences that make this figure its own thing. The main difference in the sculpt is Unit 08's forearms. They're much bulkier than the typical EVA unit.

Articulation on this figure goes without saying. It pretty much is the same as the previous Evangelion figures I have reviewed in the last several months.  With that said, let's talk about accessories! Unit 08 is the most gun friendly of the EVA Units. Pictured above is a shorter version of its rifle that it used at the start of the movie in space. This weapon was used in the climatic battle between Evangelion 13 and the Mark .09.

Unit 08 also comes with another gun accessory, a much smaller hand pistol that it uses against the Mark .09 when it attacks the airship AAA Wunder.

Other accessories include a Revoltech base, an alternate impact stand, and one of EVA 13's sentries that it used in battle against Unit 02. The reason as to why I did not set it up? Well, I found that the AT Field effect to be quite fragile. I will try to set it up eventually once I get back home and have the Evangelion 13 figure in hand to display it with!

Overall, what are my thoughts about this figure? I found it pretty good. There were a few times that I had with it, however, where I had a bit of trouble. What I am referring to is when I would change out the option hands. Normally this would be a simple task, BUT, now there is a bit of a challenge for someone with meaty fingers such as myself. The pink sleeve on the forearm is actually two separate pieces. There is the cover that goes over the wrist and the main sleeve itself that goes over the actual forearm. Dealing with those two pieces as well as trying to insert the option hand into the socket can be frustrating at times since the alignment can easily be deterred by these extra pieces. I did not want to force it, because I was afraid that I'd accidentally break the figure.

Fortunately that was my only issue with this figure. It's still a nice figure. Unit 08 may not be as iconic as Unit 01 or Unit 02, but as of watching 3.0, I was hooked on this particular EVA (for some reason) and I'm glad I have a couple of decent figure representations of it for my ever growing Evangelion collection!


  1. Is it better than Eva-08 Alpha?

  2. what are the differences compared to the new revoltech eva 08 beta released in mid 2014 ?

    1. Diff body mold. Slightly different articulation. Alpha is better articulated because revoltech was a dumbass and gave the beta just revoltech joints for the hips. Other than the hips the beta is as well articulated as the alpha. Also the alpha has some different accessories