Friday, 26 October 2012

Toy Review - Sci-Fi Revoltech Optimus Prime [Jet Winged Ver.]

Prime has landed, and here he is!

This is the Sci-Fi Revoltech Optimus Prime [Jet Winged Version] based on his appearance in Michael Bay's 2011 film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. 

This sculpt of Prime is pretty much the exact same as the first one released last year. The detailing on this figure is just astounding! This is my first Sci-Fi Revoltech figure that is not a Toho monster, so I was surprised of the level of accuracy on this figure.

Besides the Jet Wing parts, Optimus comes with two extra pairs of hands - a pair for gripping the Energon Axe and Sword, and a pair of open hands. He also comes with an alternate head without his faceplate, and a Revoltech Stand. 

The Energon Sword and Axe are really well done. The blades on both are sculpted out of orange translucent plastic, which perfectly mimics the glowing effect that is seen in the film.

His alternate head, without the face plate, is also sculpted really well. However, the right eye is a bit off.  Unless you're looking at it up close, the head is pretty good. To be honest though, I prefer Optimus with the face plate. 

Now here's the fun part, the Jet Wing Pack! The Jet Wing Pack comes disassembled, but it's pretty easy to put together. 

On Optimus' back there are two Revoltech Joints. They're on the figure when you take it out of the box, but depending on your preferences you can take them out if you wish to display Optimus without the Jet Pack. However, these joints are where you attach the main Jet Pack as seen below. 

From there, you proceed to attach the two pairs of wings, and some sort of 'control' devices to Optimus' wrists, and bippety-boppity-boo you got Jet Winged Optimus Prime!

Once fully assembled, Prime is pretty big! The wingspan is at least a foot long, and the added jet pack adds quite a bit of bulk to the figure. It is nearly impossible to get the figure to stand without the use of a Revoltech Stand. Using the stand, you will be able to pull off some neat flying poses such as this one above. 

Overall, the Sci-Fi Revoltech Optimus Prime [Jet Winged Version] gets a full 5/5 stars for me. It is one of the more accurate sculpts of the movie version of Optimus Prime, and the accessories are just out of this world! I only hope that Revoltech releases a Megtron figure to accompany Optimus. I am also aware of the Sci-Fi Revoltech Bumblebee, but since he's out of scale with Optimus, I am passing on him. 

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