Saturday, 6 October 2012


For those unaware of the situation, my S.H. MonsterArts King Ghidorah's wing has snapped off due to the poorly designed hinged joint system connecting the wing to the main body. I tried reattaching it with Gorilla Glue, but it turns out that it was a temporary solution - the wing fell off after one day of successfully staying on.

As much as I may regret it, I went along and bought a second one, this time through HobbyLink Japan. I should expect it in a week or two. Hopefully this one will last. I intend to pose it once, and leave it be. I'd hate this one to suffer the same breakage that my first one did. 


  1. Fuck man, I'm so sorry.....that sucks!!!! I had to do that with a HOT TOYS Predator, got another one because the original one's head snapped off......sigh. feel your pain bro, hopefully the new one will be an easier kaiju to wrangle!!!!

    1. Thanks, I do hope that my second one will fare much better. I plan on handling it even more delicately than the first. Typically the S.H. MonsterArts figures are very durable, but King Ghidorah was just poorly designed, that's all.