Sunday, 28 October 2012

I Can Has Work?

For those who do not know, I am also an artist and graphic designer. Right now I am on my final year at the Guam Community College, on my way to earn my Associates Degree in Visual Communications. At the moment, I am trying to build up a portfolio with various illustrations and graphic art designs. 

However, I am also open for commission work as well! Visit my DeviantArt page to see many examples of my work. I am able to do Godzilla, Ultraman, and Gamera related art, as well as anything original whether it be your own kaiju, your own characters, mascots, logo designs, and more! My prices are very affordable, and at the moment I am charging based on the type of request you make and not by the hour. My terms and conditions relating to commissions can be found on my main DeviantArt page at the link in the first line of this paragraph. 

Please help this artist push forward in becoming a professional! Thank you, all! 


  1. you got me thinking...I have always been wondering about an animated "fun" looking Anguirus or maybe Gabra shoiwn Kaiju Korner over at
    something I could put on card stock so I can pass out at the shows that I do. I would really like to push the Kaiju Korner forum at these shows. should post this up on my forums. I can push it for you no problem at all. I like the one you did so far. Kaiju-Q is also a graphic artist, he's really good at stuff like this....I just can't get him to draw anything! LOL!

    1. I could do something like that for sure.
      I'll post this up at the Kaiju Korner for anyone else who is interested too. :D