Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Figure Review - Ultra-Act Mother of Ultra

Before we start things off, I am only familiar with Mother of Ultra, the first and only (so far) female Ultraman, from her appearance in the movie, Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie, so for any of you Ultraman fans out there, forgive me if I get some details and facts wrong in this review. Without further ado, let us begin!

The Ultra-Act Mother of Ultra is an internet exclusive figure from Tamashii Nations' web shop. I reserved this one earlier this year through and paid full up front. I'm glad I did, considering the large haul of figures I have coming my way this month! Being a web exclusive, Mother of Ultra comes in the typical brown box to protect it during shipping.

Inside the brown box was the figure's standard packaging. I had expected Mother of Ultra to be packed in a silver and red packaging like Father of Ultra and the other members of the Ultra Brothers. The part of the box where the plastic window would usually be is all covered up as with all Ultra-Act web exclusives.

After taking the figure out of the box, I was pretty impressed of how easily articulated it is. In my experience with Ultra-Act figures in the past, the joints were always stiff and rickety upon taking them out of their packaging. With Mother of Ultra, it was very simple and I was able to display her in a variety of action poses almost immediately without having to loosen any joints.

Mother of Ultra stands at around six inches tall and is in scale with other Ultras, such as her adopted son, Ultraman Ace, in the figure line. I would have displayed her with her biological son, Ultraman Taro, but I am currently away from home and only have figures that I've purchased since September with me at the moment.

Aside from the usual accessories of optional hand parts, Mother of Ultra comes with quite a few neat accessories. The different heads, from what I assume, are based on their Showa and Heisei appearances. I honestly think this is a really nice touch to the figure. More hardcore fans of Ultraman may be more meticulous about the designs based on their facial designs. It's nice that Tamashii Nations included two versions. 

She also comes with water bucket for the Ultra-Act Ultraman Taro. It also has a spare handle with an option hand for Taro that is able to connect to the figure. The bucket was apparently used to awaken drunken monsters - no joke! 

Being the medic of the Ultra Garrison, Mother of Ultra's final accessory is her distinctive Healing Beam. Unlike most of the other beam effects of other Ultramen in the line, Mother of Ultra's healing beam is a lot more smooth and bulbous in appearance than the more dynamic and jagged appearance of the typical Specium Beam. 

Overall, what are my final thoughts on this figure? Quite honestly, I really like it! Having bought a lot of Ultra-Acts over the past year and a half, it's nice to have Mother of Ultra for a change. She's a unique addition to the collection, and has a nice range of articulation. I found her neck articulation much better than previous Ultras. Its very flexible and you can freely move the head up, down, left right, and around to a degree. Given her female physique, Mother of Ultra can be posed in some poses that normal Ultraman figures can't achieve. 

I admit, I have had my doubts about this figure for quite some time, but now that I have it here in my hands. I know I made the right choice. I can see this figure being of some value in the future too. It's a great figure and one that Ultraman fans or collectors of the Ultra-Act line should not miss out on! Thankfully I am getting the reissue of Father of Ultra later this month to go along with this figure.

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  1. A very nice review. Though Mother of Ultra isn't the only female Ultra. She is the first though to make an appearance. There is another one from the live action series, and there are two from animated Ultra shows. Can you perhaps pose her in a somewhat flying form to see how the head moves up and such?