Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Figure Review - Ultra-Act Ultra Seven (Renewal Ver.)

I am essentially caught up with Tamashii Nations' Ultra Brothers figure releases with my latest purchase of the Ultra-Act Ultra Seven (Renewal Ver.). Ultra Seven is the titular hero from the third series in the Ultra franchise. Ultra Seven is notable for facing moral dilemmas throughout his own series. Within the Ultra universe, Ultra Seven is the nephew of both Father of Ultra, and Mother of Ultra, step-cousin of Ultraman Ace, biological cousin of Ultraman Taro, and the father of Ultraman Zero. 

This figure of him is Tamashii Nations' second attempt at sculpting the character, and frankly this one fairs better than the original.

I missed out getting this figure when it originally came out... there must be snipers watching these online retail sites whenever an Ultra Brothers figure in the Ultra-Act line comes up for preorder, because they seem to disappear in minutes! Fortunately I was able to buy this one in person while visiting Bangkok for a few days at a little hobby store called Project 1/6 within the large shopping center, MBK. With this figure, I'm pretty much caught up with all Ultra Brother releases from last year's Ultra-Act Zoffy.

The new Ultra-Act Ultra Seven utilizes the similar body sculpt of many of the recent Ultra-Act figures. It stands a little taller than Tamashii Nations' first Ultra-Act Ultra Seven figure, at around 15-16cm. Unfortunately I sold the first figure months ago, and therefore I am unable to do a side-by-side comparison photo. Detailing is pretty good. Nothing too outstanding nor bland about it. The overall sculpt appears a bit more muscular than what we see on screen (as it is with many of the recent year's Ultra-Acts) but this may be due to creative liberties through Tamashii Nations and the utilization of a standard S.H. Figuarts body sculpt - don't take my word for it, I don't know what goes on behind the scenes.

The articulation is what you expect from an Ultra-Act figure. You have your typical ball joints in the neck, shoulders, wrists, torso, mid-section, legs and ankles. Then double hinge joints in the knees and elbows that allow you to bend them much more naturally. It allows you to get this guy, and his fellow Ultra-Acts, into some pretty dynamic poses. 

In regards to accessories, the new Ultra-Act Ultra Seven comes with quite a bit. Firstly, besides the usual addition of various different optional hand parts, seen in the image above, the figure is able have its eye slugger removed from the top of his head. A second slugger is also packaged in with the figure, but more on that in a little bit.

No Ultra-Act Ultraman figure is complete without its signature beam attack. Ultra Seven comes with an option hand part that has his Wide Shot beam, similar to Ultraman's Specium Beam.

Along with the extra eye slugger piece, an energy whip-like effect part is also included. The slugger snaps into place within the effect and when held by Ultra Seven, it looks as if he's whipping the slugger around at high speeds, ready to fling it at any foe that deserves a good whack on the noggin.

All in all, the new Ultra-Act Ultra Seven is a neat figure. If you have the original, and you're happy with it, then there is no need to hunt down this figure. BUT, if you wish to build up the entire Ultra Brothers lineup and have the Brothers Mantles that can be attached onto them, then this version is the one to get. I have yet to acquire extra mantles for the other five Ultras in my collection, but I do intend to do so in the long run.

Besides the upcoming Ultraman Leo in March, Ultra Seven is the last of the Ultra Brothers to be made for the original lineup. In that regard, I can say that I have a complete collection of figures, Mother of Ultra and Father of Ultra included. Of course, there are a lot more members of the Ultra Garrison, but I have no desire to collect them all. The Brothers were my main objective and I have pretty much fulfilled that goal. I can't wait till I get this guy propped up and displayed amongst his fellow Ultramen.

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