Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Figure Review - X-Plus Winter Wonderfest 2013 (True Colored Ver.) Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1954

Despite this being the most priciest purchase I have ever made on a figure, it was absolutely worth it! 

This is the X-Plus Winter Wonderfest 2013 Exclusive True Colored Ver. Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1954 (quite a mouth-full, eh?) from the classic tale between man and beast, Gojira (1954). For those who are unaware, X-Plus released a standard version of this figure in a monochrome color scheme. This figure, however, depicts the original Godzilla in a color scheme that represents what the creature would've looked like if the film were shot in color. I'd like to also note that this figure is highly limited. Somewhere between 300 and 500 of these figures exist. 

Like all of X-Plus' Wonderfest exclusives, the figure is packed in a cardboard box void of any artwork that is present on all of their standard figure releases. The name of the figure as well as the event is printed across the front of the box. Usually I'll give a score for the presentation of the package, but since this is an exclusive rather than a standard release, I'll let it slide. 

After opening the box, the figure, like its standard counterpart, is secured in a plastic molding in two pieces, the main body and the tail. 

Once I took the figure out and assembled the two pieces (by utilizing a hairdryer to soften the vinyl on the tail in order to insert it into the socket on the main body), I took some time to really admire the craftsmanship that went into sculpting and painting this figure. 

The Wonderfest Godzilla 1954 stands a little over a foot tall just like its standard version. From nose to tail it is at least two feet in length. The detailing on this figure is absolutely amazing as is with all of X-Plus' figures. It captures every bit of detail from the suit very meticulously. What drew me to this figure primarily was the fact that it depicts the 1954 Godzilla in color! The spines, claws and teeth are a bright bony color with a yellowish hue. The skin itself is a mix of dark grays and greens. The fact that this is a colorized version of the 1954 Godzilla design makes this piece a highly unique piece in my overall collection. In regards to detail, sculpt, and color, this figure receives a 5/5 score!

Along with the actual figure, the Wonderfest 2013 exclusive Godzilla 1954 was also accompanied with a miniature figurine of the Oxygen Destroyer, the only weapon in the entire franchise to actually kill Godzilla! The mini Oxygen Destroyer is around three to four inches long and it perfectly replicates the prop in every way possible. As an accessory, this is a definite 4/5.

This is the second Godzilla figure that I bought for the X-Plus Toho 30cm line. In comparison to last year's 30cm Godzilla 1989, the Godzilla 1954 figure stands at least an inch or two taller.

Overall, the X-Plus Winter Wonderfest 2013 True Colored Ver. 30cm Godzilla 1954 figure is truly a remarkable figure! I perfectly captures the fine details from the actual suit and goes beyond to replicate what it would've actually looked like in color! The inclusion of the mini Oxygen Destroyer is also a plus on the list. All in all, I am giving this figure a full 5/5 rating! It is just fantastic and pleasing to look at. 

Fits right in with the collection!

My overall X-Plus collection as of now 04/16/13

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