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Bluefin Tamashii Nations Preorders: August 2013

Robot Spirits - Gundam Double X
$50.99 - August 2013

Gundam Double X, the main mobile suit in the second half of “After War Gundam X” series joins the ranks of the Robot Spirits series with massive Twin Satellite Cannon and a full array of accessories. Boasting advance articulation, high-detail and stunning proportion, this deluxe robot action figure set includes interchangeable Twin Satellite Cannon parts for firing mode, as well as accessory parts for Hyper Beam Swords x 2, Buster Rifle, and Defense Palette. Radiator Palette recreated with clear parts.

Soul of Chogokin: Danguard Ace
$129.99 - August 2013

At last, the long awaited Soul of Chogokin release of Danguard Ace from the 1977 anime classic Planer Robot Danguard Ace is confirmed! A homage to the giant robot that stands among the classics, this Soul of Chogokin release employs state-of-the-art diecast robot action figure technology to portray Danguard Ace in exquisite detail. Figure features transformation capability without compromising faithful proportion. A full array of accessories and gimmicks allow for recreation of various anime action sequences: Figure is capable of transformation to Satelizer Mode and set features accessories for Cosmo Arrows with transformation capability to Double Shaft weapon. Also included in the set are Sky Arrow with single and double cockpit options, as well as two types of Guard Launchers  (transformable and non-transformable) that can both be attached/detached to engine unit. The wealth of accessories included in this deluxe set can be displayed and housed in a deluxe display stand.

S.H.Figuarts - Kamen Rider No. 1
$29.99 - August 2013

At last the timeless classic, the original Kamen Rider, joins the advanced S.H.Figuarts action figure line-up. Special rider kick effect parts are included along with barrier destruction ball and weapon accessories, as well as interchangeable scarf and hand parts.

S.H.Figuarts - Shocker Combatman
$29.99 - August 2013

Yee! The persistent Shocker henchman joins the S.H.Figuarts series. Multiple purchases for the thorough goon line-up are highly encouraged. Figure set includes iconic weapon accessories and interchangeable hand parts. Ideal for recreating combat scenes with Kamen Rider and characteristic “Yee!” pose.

Ultra Act - Ultraman Nexus Junis Blue
$37.99 - August 2013

The modified Junis Blue form of Nexus Junis worn under the mantle of Dunamist Ren Senjyu joins the Ultra-Act series in sleek proportion, dynamic articulation and with a full-array of accessory and effect parts. Set includes effect parts for Storm Sword, Over Arrow Ray-Storm, and Cross-Ray Storm. Interchangeable core parts (red) and two sets of left/right hand parts are also included in set.

Saint Cloth Myth EX - Capricorn Shura
$72.99 - August 2013

The popular Saint Cloth Myth EX gold saint line-up continues with Capricorn Shura. This deluxe figure set includes a thorough array of accessory parts, including two mask parts not included in anime and only featured in original manga. Object can be assembled from cloth parts, and both cloth and object can be displayed together. Superior articulation enables recreation of the character’s ultimate Excalibur attack. Three sets of interchangeable face parts, four sets of interchangeable hand parts and cape accessory are also included in set.

Chogokin - Archer
$102.99 - August 2013

Following the release of Chogokin Saber the powerful servant Archer joins the Fate/Zero Chogokin line-up with armor diecast parts, advanced articulation, meticulous detail and a full-array of accessory parts. Gold armor areas are recreated with diecast metal for added weight and realism. Deluxe figure set features a full-array of accessory parts such as “wine of kings” artifacts, Ea: Sword of Rupture, two interchangeable face parts, interchangeable hand parts (three left/four right), interchangeable folded arm parts, and special display stand with magic glyph symbol shee.

FiguartsZERO - Tony Tony Chopper & Dr. Hiluluk
$37.99 - August 2013

The humorous and heartwarming pair, master (quack) doctor Hiluluk and his surrogate son/apprentice (the human-reindeer hybrid Tony Tony Chopper) join the FiguartsZERO high-detail figurine line-up. In additional to their very animated facial expressions, every detail of this dynamic duo, such as Dr. Hiluluk’s medical bag and Chopper’s medical book, has been meticulously sculpted. Special display stand also included in set.

S.H.Figuarts - Masked Rider V3
$31.99 - August 2013

Due to popular demand Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of the S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider V3

Robot Spirits - #127 Dunbine
$44.99 - August 2013

Due to popular demand Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of the Robot Spirits Dunbine

FiguartsZERO - Portgas D Ace - Battle Ver.- 
$31.99 - August 2013

Due to popular demand Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of the FiguartsZERO Portgas・D・Ace- Battle Ver.-

Robot Spirits - #118 Wing Gundam Zero
$44.99 - August 2013

Due to popular demand Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of the Robot Spirits Wing Gundam Zero

Robot Spirits - #104 Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) Full Action Ver.
$42.99 - August 2013

Due to popular demand Tamashii Nations is proud to announce a limited re-issue of the Robot Spirits Unicorn Gundam(Destroy mode) Full Action ver.

Apollo 13 & Saturn V Launch Vehicle
$569.99 - August 2013

While the Apollo 13 never made its intended lunar landing the entire crew managed to return safely to Earth in what was one of the most harrowing and heroic manned missions in space program history. This inspirational story of bravery and human ingenuity can be relived through the OTONA NO CHOGOKIN Apollo 13 & Saturn V Launch Vehicle set. Employing diecast material and rendered in exquisite detail, this historical collector’s piece features Service Module internal mechanics replicated using actual schematics to show how the module looked without the Sector-4 panel. The Saturn V launch vehicle can be disconnected to show each stage. Also included is a special display stand and accessory parts that can be used to recreate the successful Command Module splashdown and rescue scene. This awe-inspiring set includes: Apollo 13 and Saturn V rockets (S-IC 1st stage, S-II 2nd stage, S-IVB 3rd stage, S-II Aft Interstage, S-IVB Aft Interstage), Spacecraft Lunar Module Adaptor, Command Module, two types of Service Modules (normal and damaged versions), Launch Escape Subsystem and Boost Protective Cover, Support Ship Antenna, Lunar Module (upper and lower stage), Command Module Flotation devices (x2), rescue helicopter, rescue divers x2, and post splashdown command module. An extensive array of stands are also included in set to allow for both vertical and horizontal display, and includes support arms and small stands for display of Command/Service Module and rescue helicopter.

Apollo 11 & Saturn V Launch Vehicle
$549.99 - September 2013

Appropriately timed with the release of Otona Chogokin Apollo13 & Saturn V launch vehicle will be a limited re-issue of the popular Otona Chogokin Apollo11 and Saturn V Launch vehicle.

Source: Bluefin Distribution

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