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Figure Review - D-Arts Mewtwo

It's about friggin' time that Tamashii Nations introduced Pokemon into their D-Arts line of articulated action figures. When Mewtwo was announced towards the end of last year, I knew that I had to have him! Originally there was a rumor that Pokemon were actually going to be introduced into the S.H. MonsterArts line, but whether this rumor is legit or not is still a mystery. Anyways, without further ado, let's begin!

Mewtwo is to appear in the 16th Pokemon movie this summer! 

Pokemon #150, aka Mewtwo. He first appeared in the games Pokemon Red, Green (Japanese release only), and Blue. He was the main antagonist in the movie Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, an anti-hero in the TV special, Mewtwo Returns, and will be having a big role in the 16th Pokemon movie (wow!), Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening, opening in theaters in Japan this summer. 

The packaging for the D-Arts Mewtwo is the standard window box with the figure visible inside. The box art itself is pretty eye catching, but I was expecting something a lot more Pokemon themed than just the usual intricate graphic design. The box could easily incorporate a Pokeball design in there somewhere. It's not a bad presentation, I admit, but still, it just does not scream POKEMON! Packaging, mainly due to its design, receives a 3.5/5.

After taking the figure out of the box, I noticed that it has quite a bit of weight to it. Don't be fooled, this thing is not hollow. Much of the weight is centered on its legs and thighs. The figure stands at around five to six inches tall. The sculpt for the figure is fantastic. There is nothing flawed about it. It's interesting to note that the cord behind Mewtwo's head that connects to his spine is made out of a flexible rubber, which can bend freely as you move the head and neck. I found that pretty neat. The D-Arts Mewtwo's sculpt receives a complete 5/5 in my book!

Articulation on the D-Arts Mewtwo was actually better than I had expected! The figure is capable of a wide range of poses. Its tail is most impressive. Like the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla, the D-Arts Mewtwo's tail is separated by each segment and fully articulated. This figure manages to surpass the MonsterArts Godzilla in regards to the range of movement the tail can achieve. Also, which is pretty cool, is that the fingers on Mewtwo's hands are each articulated, allowing you to have his hands wide open as if he was using a psychic attack or closed. Articulation, however is limited in the foot sections. Other than that, it's all good. Articulation gets a 4.5/5 rating from me!

As far as accessories, the D-Arts Mewtwo comes with three (besides the Pokeball designed Tamashii Stand). First is an alternate hand piece that can connect to the figure's second accessory, its Shadow Ball effect. It takes a little time to connect the Shadow Ball to Mewtwo's hand. Take note that while trying to attach these two pieces, one of the fingers may fall off. Fortunately it's a ball joint so it's easy to reattach. 

The third accessory is one that will only be included with first edition releases. It is a miniature figure of Mew, the Pokemon that Mewtwo is cloned (and artificially enhanced) from. It's a very tiny figurine,   an inch or two in size. It perfectly sits upon the end of a Tamashii Stand. Accessories are nice, and the fact that Mewtwo's fingers are articulated, it eliminates the need for alternate hand parts. For what they are, the accessories get a 4/5 rating.

Overall, the D-Arts Mewtwo is a great way to kickstart the introduction of Pokemon in the D-Arts line. This month we're getting Charizard, Blastoise in June, then Venusaur in August. Beyond that who knows what other Pokemon will be announced. The possibilities are broad! To conclude, I will give this figure a 4/5 rating! It is a great figure though skimpy on accessories and whatnot. However, a great sculpt and fabulous articulation make up for it.

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  1. I didn't know they had Mewtwo lined up for a new Pokemon movie...interesting. Thanks for that news Justin! Enjoyed the review and the great pics! :D