Friday, 23 November 2012

Ultra Toy Review - UltraAct Ultra Seven

It took me some time, but I finally was able to acquire the UltraAct Ultra Seven, one of the few older UltraAct figures that I've been trying to hunt down for quite some time.

I got this figure, preowned, at around $35 USD at (w/o shipping added). The figure came in excellent shape. The box was not damaged, and the figure itself, while sustaining minor paint scuffs, is still is tip-top shape. It came with all of its intended accessories and effects.

The figure stands at around six inches tall, the usual height for any Ultra in this figure line. Being that it is one of the original figures from when this line first came out a couple of years ago, the articulation is not as extensive as the more recent figures are. Regardless, it still has a decent range of motion and can accomplish neat poses. Detailing and paint on this figure are spot on, as usual.

Amongst the accessories, Ultra Seven is provided with various hand gestures along with the typical clenched first hands that are already on the figure when taken out of its box.

There are a pair of normal, unclenched hands.

There's a pair of hands with extended fingers used to display Ultra Seven in a flying pose.

Then there are a pair of hands that can be used to hold Seven's Eye Slugger weapon.

There is also a hand attached to a beam effect (his Wide Shot) as well as a hand attached to a motion effect of a thrown Eye Slugger.

Finally, there's Seven's trademark Emerium Beam effect. There are two parts to this effect - the hands, and the beam itself as seen in the picture below.

Overall, the UltraAct Ultra Seven is a really nice figure in this line. I am glad to finally have it after months of searching for it at a decent price. My final rating on this figure is 4.5/5. You get what you see, and it's great! Now I really want to watch the Ultra Seven series. Thank goodness the DVD release of the entire series is next month! :D

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