Sunday, 4 November 2012

Aggregate & Flying Destoroyah Forms Unveiled

At a recent event celebrating Godzilla's 58th Anniversary, Tamashii Nations has returned the S.H. MonsterArts Aggregate Destoroyah as well as finally unveiling the Flying form as well.

No word yet regarding whether they'll be Standard releases, or Web Exclusives.


  1. This is a dream for every fan of Destoroyah or collectors that kept themselves up to date so far. If the Aggregate and Flying form of Destoroyah are sold in a set, with or without Destoroyah's final form, I'd feel a bit compelled to buy these depending on the price. Those display pieces look beautiful!

    1. I'd expect that individually they'll cost around $40 or so, however, I do hope they're sold as a set. Definitely I'll be buying the Aggregate and Flying forms regardless to whether they're a set or not. Based on recent photos of this display, the two aggregates are not the same sculpt. They're both slightly different. Who knows if this was intentional, or an alteration to the prototype.