Tuesday, 12 April 2016

X-Plus Large Monsters Series Leatherback


Look at that. X-Plus has unveiled their prototype for their upcoming Large Monsters Series Leatherback figure. It was teased a while back that X-Plus would be tackling Knifehead and Leatherback, and now we are seeing one of the two promised figures.

Personally it looks absolutely amazing. The pose alone makes it very intimidating and powerful. No word yet when it'll be released exactly, but it is definitely slated for within this year. I am certainly adding this ferocious beast to my collection!

UPDATE: Based on the title card along with the figure, it seemed that Leatherback was slated for a May 2016 release. However, a blue pen mark over the date may suggest it has been pushed back to at least July... Looks like it'll be a busy month since a majority of my preorders this year release in that month. Must prepare thy wallet!

Photo Source: Dengeki Hobby Web

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