Tuesday, 5 May 2015

X-Plus Destoroyah Spotted!

An unpainted prototype for the X-Plus Toho Large Monsters Series Destoroyah (Final Form) has been spotted! Not sure what convention this photo was taken at (UPDATE: Photo was taken at Japan Amazing Model Expo in Osaka,) but heck, the sculpt looks amazing. I plan to add this one to the collection. Hopefully that will lead X-Plus to produce - oh, I don't know - a Large Monsters Series Burning Godzilla to accompany it. Time will tell.


  1. What are the smaller figures called? The big ones are sweet but I don't really have space for something so huge.

    1. The series is called the Toho Kaiju Museum line. X-Plus did a similar line for Ultraman and related Kaiju some years ago. Neat little polystone figures, but from what I've read about the Ultra Kaiju Museum figure line, they can be quite fragile. The Toho series should be coming out sometime this summer according to X-Plus.