Wednesday, 29 April 2015

June 2015 X-Plus Listings!

X-Plus has a heck of a lineup coming this June!

First and foremost is the highly anticipated Toho 30cm Series Legendary Godzilla figure from last year's blockbuster reboot from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. This thing is absolutely beautiful! Officially the figure stands at a whopping 32cm, making it one of (if not) the largest Godzillas in the 30cm series of figures. The RIC Boy exclusive, as revealed not too long ago, is a mini figure of the Male MUTO. Bare in mind that the MUTO figure is not in scale with Godzilla by any means, but regardless, it is still an impressive add-on. I'll definitely be buying the RIC Boy version! The standard version of this figure is already available to preorder from Hobby Search and Amiami.

Next is the RIC Boy limited release of the Large Monsters Series DINOTANK from Ultra Seven. It's around 50cm in length. Now, I haven't finished watching Ultra Seven all the way through yet, but despite that, Dino Tank is one of those kaiju that I've heard and seen over many years. The bizarreness of this creature resonates with me for some unknown reason. 

Finally there is the Large Monsters Series ULTRA NEW GENERATION "FIVE KING" vinyl figure from Ultraman Ginga S. Now, this thing is truly a BEAST and a spectacle to look at. It is a merging of various different kaiju from the Ultraman franchise (can you name 'em all?) The figure stands at a height of 27cm and is 30.5cm long. Both Five King and Dino Tank seem to be RIC Boy exclusive items, not available at normal retailers.

For those unsure of how to acquire RIC Boy figures, I typically wait until items are released and hunt them down on eBay from top rated sellers who have them listed at reasonable after-market prices, so prepare to spend a little more than what X-Plus has it listed for! Still, even if you pay a tad more, you're still getting amazing quality figures that will look amazing in your collections.

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