Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Figure Review: Revoltech Yamaguchi Evangelion 13

I will change the world with this EVA.”

This morning along with several other figures, I acquired the Revoltech Yamaguchi Evangelion 13. This EVA appears in the movie, Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo. While it was never my initial intention to spoil anything from 3.0 in this review, I can't help but do so! So if you have not seen Evangelion 3.0 yet, then I suggest you hold off from reading beyond this paragraph and go watch it right now.....

Oh! You're back?
Let's continue!

Evangelion 13 is no ordinary EVA unit. While all other units were essentially clones of Adams (as far as the original series reveals,) with the exception of Unit 01, which is actually a clone of the 2nd Angel, Lilith, EVA 13 is in fact one of the surviving Adams in the new movie series! It was implied in the second movie that there were multiple Adams during Second Impact, and apparently one of them was made into the 13th Evangelion unit years later. This EVA, unlike previous versions has a dual entry system for two pilots to operate it. In the movie, this unit is piloted by both Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa. Together, they descend into the depths of Central Dogma beneath the former NERV headquarters to retrieve both the Lance of Longinus and the Lance of Cassius in order to “fix” the world after a series of unknown events between the end of the 2nd movie and start of the 3rd movie. Instead, much to Kaworu's shock, both spears have morphed into a Longinus type and prove useless in restoring the world. As EVA 13 pulls both spears out of Lilith's corpse, 4th Impact commences.

The figure for EVA 13 stands about six inches tall from toe to the top of its shoulder pylons. It is essentially Revoltech's largest Evangelion figure. It is the tallest by an inch, and the bulkiest too. The figure is close to the same height as June's Evangelion Unit 08 Alpha. This somewhat confirms that the upcoming Unit 02 Gamma will be scaled smaller than the norm due to EVA 13 being taller in the movie. The sculpt for this figure is way better than I initially expected. Each section down its body is individually articulated. I had feared that the figure's midsection would've been a solid sculpt as early promotional images implied. Thankfully this isn't the case.

Detailing is very spot on and very much resembles its on screen counterpart. The only missing detail on this figure is the dash of neon green on the base of EVA 13's horn. Regardless to the absence of this particular detail, the figure is top notch!

EVA 13 comes with various accessories. Besides the option hands, the figure comes with two different torsos: One with the extra two arms that fold out, and One without them. It also comes with the two Lances of Longinus that EVA 13 uses to initiate Fourth Impact.

Unfortunately the Revoltech Stand that comes with the figure is not sturdy enough to support the figure as seen in the promotional images. Instead, I utilized the special stand from June's Revoltech Evangelion Unit 08 Alpha to prop EVA 13 on, and it seemed to help.

All in all, I am happy that Revoltech released a brand new Evangelion sculpt after so long. June's Unit 08 Alpha figure utilized the same body sculpt as the rest of the Evangelions, therefore not much was changed except for color and head sculpt. EVA 13 is the first brand new Evangelion sculpt since the release of the Mark 06 in the EvaEvo line back in late 2011. This figure has exceeded my expectations. I admit, I was not expecting much with this figure before getting it. I always love being proven wrong in this regard. 

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