Thursday, 15 August 2013

Figure Review: Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave

"Soundwave, superior. Autobots, inferior."

It's been a long time since I last bought a Transformers figure! The last figure I bought was the Dark of the Moon Voyager Class Optimus Prime back in late 2011. Since then I've handed it down to my nephew. To be honest, I was not impressed by the toys that Hasbro put out based on the live action movies. They always seemed awkward in appearance, and cheap looking. I've been out of the Transformers toy loop for quite some time, but then I've began eyeing the Masterpiece line of figures. The Masterpiece series faithfully recreates the G1 characters with fluid transformations from their alternate modes to robot modes. I was quite impressed with them, but was hesitant to pull the trigger on one of them. I regret missing out on the Masterpiece Optimus Prime when it came out.

It was not until the last day or so when my interest in the Masterpiece line resurfaced. A friend of mine found several at the newly opened Toys R' Us Express here on Guam. Another friend of mine snagged one almost immediately and notified me that there were two left. I was pretty hasty and first thing this morning I rushed to the store, before doors opened, and managed to secure myself one! It was well worth driving 45 minutes up town in the morning!

Once I returned home, I began taking my photos for this review. The box art is really something to admire. It has the Decepticon insignia running across the left side of the box. Then in the center, there is a cardboard foldout with the Transformers Masterpiece logo and images of the figure and its accessories on the box. On the right, the name Soundwave is written from top to bottom. It's really eye catching and pleasant to look at.

Upon opening the box, Soundwave is secured snuggly in the plastic molding along with his many accessories!

I haven't felt this giddy about getting a Transformers figure in such a long, long time! The Toys R' Us Exclusive Masterpiece Soundwave stands at around eight to nine inches. It is made out of hard plastic. The feet are sculpted in diecast metal, giving the figure a great deal of stability. What I like on the Masterpiece Soundwave that I find lacking in most Transformers figures in the past is that its ankles are adjustable allowing you to give the figure proper footing when giving him an action pose.

Soundwave isn't the only Transformer in this package! He comes with five different cassettes that can fit in his chest (note: only two to three at a time). Each cassette transforms into Soundwave's minions:





My favorite Deceptikitty, Ravage!

A Transformer figure isn't complete without it being able to transform! You are able to transform Soundwave from his robot mode into his cassette player mode. There are instructions in the box that you can follow if you're new to this sort of figure. The transformation process is pretty simple. I find transforming the Masterpiece Soundwave a lot easier than the more recent movie figures in the Voyager and Deluxe classes. One thing I found very amusing on the back of Soundwave's packaging is that under the picture of its cassette player mode, there was a note that said, "Not a working cassette player." 

Besides Soundwave's minions and own weapon, he comes with a couple of other accessories. One is of Megatron's G1 alternate rifle mode, which Soundwave (or sometimes Starscream) would fire at enemies with. 

Soundwave also comes with an Energon Cube, and an additional chest piece that snaps onto the one already on his main body. The Energon cube attaches to the outer chest piece and makes it look like Soundwave is expelling them from his body, just like in the original G1 animated series.

I've been asked about the differences between Hasbro's Masterpiece Soundwave and Takara's. The difference are not too subtle. On the Takara Soundwave, the visor is red as seen in the cartoon, but Hasbro's is yellow, which reflect the original action figure more than the TV show. Also Takara's Soundwave did not come with Buzzsaw or Ravage, unlike Hasbro's. Those two were separate exclusive items in Japan. 

All in all, I am incredibly happy with this figure! It has reignited by excitement in acquiring Transformers figures again, albeit I'll only be hunting down Masterpiece figures for now on. With my Birthday being this coming Monday, this is my gift to myself! I have no regrets buying this action figure. One of the best figures I have so far! Any dedicated Transformers fan should acquire this figure. It is a Toys R' Us Exclusive item so it's best to find it at their nearby locations. If not, then ebay is the next best alternative. 

Now, I crave for the Masterpiece Optimus Prime, and Starscream! 

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