Saturday, 15 March 2014

Godzilla Shall Rise Soon...

As we near Legendary Pictures and Warner Brother's embargo date - Monday, March 17th - for all products and details concerning the new Godzilla movie, here is what we know so far!

Bandai will be releasing a wide range of figures and sets starting this month.

  • Deluxe Attack & Roar Godzilla
  • Slash Strike Godzilla
  • Tail Strike Godzilla
  • Chibi Set - Godzilla with 8-Legged MUTO
  • Chibi Set - Damaged Godzilla with Winged MUTO
  • Pack of Destruction - Godzilla w/ Building and Fighter Aircraft
  • Pack of Destruction - Winged MUTO w/ Building and Fighter Aircraft
  • Deluxe Pack of Destruction - Godzilla, 8-Legged MUTO w/ Buildings, Battle Cruiser, & Helicopters
You are able to order these items online at sites such as BigBadToyStore, ToyWiz, Entertainment Earth, and more. You will also be able to find these at your local Toys R' Us later this month and at other retailers such as Target, KMart, and Walmart over time. 

NECA will also be joining the fray with various figures, apparel, and novelty items. So far only a few figures and items have been offered up for preorder as of now:

  • 12" Long (6" Tall) Godzilla
  • 24" Long (12" Tall) Godzilla [w/ sound effects]
  • Godzilla 2" Mini Figure Series 01
  • Godzilla Connect With Pieces Puzzle - Building Game
  • Classic Godzilla Series - Godzilla 1994
It also was mentioned that a Godzilla mini figure is also going to be part of NECA's Scaler figure line too, which includes all kinds of famous monsters, superheroes, and character from Alien and Jason Voorhees to Iron Man, and Gizmo from Gremlins. 

As many of you would know, Jakks Pacific will be releasing (already out at several Toys R' Us locations in the US) a 24" tall Godzilla figure that is over 40" long and has a moveable tail. No word yet as to when it'll hit online retailers yet. For such a large figure, it's conveniently priced at $49.99.

Besides action figures, there is also one more thing to expect as well, which would get you seriously pumped for the new movie! Gareth Edwards will be conducting an interview (or interviews? wink!) with Toho Kingdom where they'll be diving into details about the film not seen previous interviews with the director. Exciting, right? Be sure to look out for it this Sunday, March 16th! 

We'll be sure to post images of the NEW products from Bandai and NECA immediately as we receive them on Monday morning. Till then, let's watch the epic movie trailer again:

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