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Bluefin Distribution: Tamashii Nations August 2013

S.H.Figuarts - Sailor Moon
September 2013 - $42.99

Appropriately timed with the 20th anniversary of the insanely popular Sailor Moon anime, everyone’s favorite princess joins the S.H.Figuarts series in beautiful fighting form with a full array of option parts. Sculpted with elegant proportion S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon stands on its own as a gorgeous display piece. Meticulous attention to detail has enabled a faithful portrayal, and part of the hair has been rendered with clear parts for enhanced realism. In addition to high-detail and stunning proportion this figure set features advanced articulation for recreation of your favorite Sailor Moon Action scenes. And to top it all off- a wealth of accessories are included! Two types of Moon Sticks (with/without Silver Crystal), effect parts for "Moon Tiara Action", and 8 interchangeable hand parts (3 left, 5 right) will expand the playability of S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon's feline partner, Luna will be included too with neck and tail articulation. Aiming for a superbly expressive Sailor Soldier, in addition to three interchangeable face parts, two added face parts will be included as limited first production issue bonus parts! 

S.H.Figuarts - Kamen Rider Blade
September 2013 - $38.99

This latest S.H.Figuarts title commemorates the 5th anniversary of the S.H.Figuarts line with an all newly evolved, enhanced action figure frame! This new base frame will evolve the already cutting edge S.H.Figuarts line-up to all new levels of awesomeness. S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Blade figure set features a full array of accessory parts including lightening blast effect parts, special rock parts for recreation of finishing move, Blay Rouzer parts, Rouse Cards, and interchangeable hand parts.

S.H. Figuarts - Cyclone
September 2013 - $40.99

At last, the bike that started it all joins the S.H.Figuarts series. The classic bike ridden by Kamen Rider Ichigo (S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Ichigo sold separately) has been recreated with meticulous attention to detail and front light areas employ clear parts for enhanced realism.

Super Robot Chogokin - Shin Getter-1
September 2013 - $69.99

The intrepid Shin Getter-1 from the Shin Getter Robo OVA joins the Super Robot Chogokin series in high-detail, dynamic articulation and generous diecast. Clear parts are employed in key areas on the body to enhance realism. Interchanging parts allows for accurate portrayal of Getter Beam pose. Getter Wing, Massive Getter Scythe, arm-mounted weapon accessory parts, and interchangeable hand parts (2 left, 3 right) are also included in set. 

Robot Spirits - Alexander 
September 2013 - $42.99

The unusual Knight Mare Frame piloted by the main protagonist Akito Hyuga in the OVA “Code Geass: Akito the Exiled” joins the Robot Spirits ranks in streamlined proportion and insane articulation. Capable of recreating a variety of intense action poses this high-end robot action figure set features interchangeable head, arm and leg parts to allow for Insect Mode transformation gimmick. Figure set also features a full array of accessories such as Uruna Edge Knives (left and right), Tonfas (left and right), Linear Assault Rifles (x2), 4 sets of interchangeable hand parts, and bonus parts.

Robot Spirits - Ryuseimaru
September 2013 - $61.99

The main mecha in the second half of the “Majin Hero Wataru” 2 joins the Robot Spirits series in comically cool style and very serious robot action figure features. Capable of transformation to dragon form this deluxe action figure set includes a new Ikusabe Wataru figure, sword accessory and two sets of interchangeable hand parts.

D-Arts - Megaman X (Ultimate Armor)
September 2013 - $45.99

At last the ultimate form of Mega Man X joins the D-Arts series. Employment of clear parts allows for viewing of internal mechanics. State-of-the-art D-Arts action figure technology enables dynamic posing to recreate a variety of game action sequences. Action figure set features two interchangeable face parts, interchangeable right arm and hand parts, and effect parts.

Saint Cloth Myth EX - Dragon Shiryu
September 2013 - $68.99

The Saint Cloth Myth EX Bronze cloth protagonist line-up continues with the emerald Dragon Shiryu. In addition to advanced EX articulation that allows for posing of the legendary “Excalibur” technique entrusted from Capricorn Shura, this set features a full array of option parts- a total of 4 interchangeable face parts, damaged cloth armor parts, 4 sets of interchangeable hand parts, and parts for assembly of dragon object. 

Chibi-Arts - Tony Tony Chopper
September 2013 - $35.99

The adorable Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece joins the cute and dynamic Chibi-arts series with an extensive array of option parts for recreating your favorite Chopper scenes. Interchangeable lower body allows for seated pose and jointed neck, shoulder and legs allow for additional poses. Option parts include medical book, syringe, mortar and pestle, as well as other parts for recreating Doctor Chopper scenes, as well as cotton candy and other small parts. A total of three interchangeable face parts allow for a variety of expressive comical scenes such as Chopper in awe of Franky. Special figure display stand, special quote sheet and stand with Japanese catch-phrase, and interchangeable arm parts (2 left/1 right) also included.

FiguartsZERO - Smoker (Punk Hazard Ver.)
September 2013 - $33.99

Vice Admiral Smoker as he appears in the One Piece Punk Hazard arc joins the high-detail Figuarts ZERO statue series. Interchangeable right arm parts allow for two different types of poses. Special display stand included. The release of Figuarts ZERO Smoker (Punk Hazard Ver.) is appropriately timed with Figuarts ZERO Tashigi (Punk Hazard Ver.)

FiguartsZERO - Tashigi (Punk Hazard Ver.)
September 2013 - $30.99

Tashigi as she appears in the One Piece Punk Hazard arc joins the high-detail Figuarts ZERO statue series. Interchangeable face and weapon parts (x2) allow for recreation of Captain Tashigi when Vice Admiral Smoker has been body swapped with her. The release of Figuarts ZERO Tashigi (Punk Hazard Ver.) is appropriately timed with Figuarts ZERO Smoker (Punk Hazard Ver.)

FiguartsZERO - Shanks (Climactic Fight Ver.)
September 2013 - $27.99

Due to popular demand Tamashii Nations will offer a limited re-issue of Figuarts ZERO Shanks (Climax Fight Ver.)

Saint Cloth Myth - Sea Emperor Poseidon 
~Royal Ornament Ed~
September 2013 - $114.99

Due to popular demand Tamashii Nations will offer a limited re-issue of Saint Cloth Myth Sea Emperor Poseidon ~Royal Ornament Edition~

Source: Bluefin Distribution

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